Village of the Breeland

/warp setton
Project leaders: raarmmaarwaar, LimeeFox
Resource Pack: EQPack Eriador
Region: Breeland

Setton is a village which isn’t cannon in Tolkien’s works, as we invented this location. But we can’t rely on just the few places Tolkien named. Setton is located in Eriador, and more precisely in Breeland, south of Bree. It stands between on the east-west road between the South Downs and the Barrow Downs.

There is a good balance between the landscape, which should be rather easy to complete, and structures. We think that the atmospherics (outside decoration), however, will be very important here.

We have designed two houses, that we shall use as example for all the houses in the village. Both of those houses are a bit different from one another, it’s so to add a bit of variety. Let’s try to stick to those designs.
One of the two designs has a block palette variant: birch & oak. They both can be used. If there are enough requests, we can write or record a tutorial on how to build such houses, but since we have only 22 houses to worry about, I’m sure it will be sorted out rapidly.
The thread will be updated with progress and instructions as the project proceeds.


- Done, :heavy_multiplication_x: - Not Done, ◕ - In Progress, ⭯ - Needs Redoing

[] Terrain
[] Rocks
[] Trees
[] General vegetation

Village center:
[] Sheriff’s house
[] Shopkeeper
[] Inn
[] Metalsmith
[] Baker
[] Butcher
[] Street furniture/decoration
[] Interior Review
[] Final Oversight Review

Village Outskirts
[] Weaver
[] Spinner
[] Beekeeper
[] Woodcutter
[] 4 Worker houses
[] Village elder house
[] Carpenter
[] Mill
[] Final Oversight Review

[] Farm fields
[] Big farm 1
[] Big farm 2
[] small farm 1
[] small farm 2
[] small farm 3
[] Final Oversight Review


Would you like to help build Setton? But you don’t know what to do? I am here for you! :

here is a list with al the houses that need to be build and decorate.

Sheriffs house.

Build and decorate the sheriff’s office and house. The most powerful resident of Setton, his house is full of expensive and luxurious items. There is one big office room and a small cell in the celler.


Build and decorate a small shop that sells household goods & some exotic goods imported from distant shores.

including spices, wine, food, furs, fine cloth (notably silk), glass, jewellery and many other luxury goods.


Build and decorate a metalsmith. A metalsmith was very important because they made metal tools for farming (especially the plough) and weapons for fighting in wars.


Build and decorate an Inn. Inns are generally establishments or buildings where travelers can seek lodging, and usually, food and drink. For a small price you can stay the night in a simple bed.


Build and decorate a bakery. Bread was an important staple food. There are dozens and possibly hundreds types of bread! His work made the baker a wealthy man.


Build and decorate a butcher + shop. A butchery in a village like setton would do all the work himself. (skinning, scaling and dehairing, removing the viscera ect) he has a shop where he sells his meat, hot food, preparations tools ect.


Build and decorate a weaver/spinners workshop + house. There can be found lots of dye colors, rough and processed fabric, tools ect in the workshop and in house.


Build and decorate a Tailor. Tailor’s constructed clothes, they were hired to create all types of clothing, from underwear to silk gowns. This house is full of dye colors, fabric and a lot of clothes.


Build and decorate a beekeeper. Bees were kept for their honey, wax to make candles and beeswax on furniture. Or to brew beer with it. This house is full of honey, beeswax, candles, hives ect.

Woodcutter’s house.

Build and decorate a woodcutters house. Except that there are a lot of tools, the house it self is no different from a normal house.

Worker’s house.

Build a worker’s house. Just a normal house. These men / woman work are employed by the others in the village. They could work at the baker, woodcutter, butcher, carpenter ect.

Village elder.

Build and decorate an old man’s house. Not only the man that lives in this house is old, the house it self is also very old. The house should feel old. Once you enter it you must see that their lives someone old.


Build and decorate a carpenter. Carpenters made useful items such as homes, wagons, furniture, tools, and utensils. Carpenters were also considered elite tradesmen for their skill in trading goods.


Build and decorate a worker’s house. These men / woman work are employed by the others in the village. They could work at the baker, woodcutter, butcher, carpenter ect.


Build and decorate a mill. It’s the job of an miller to turn wheat in to flour, to provide the baker with flour to bake bread. That makes it so that a mill is full of flour and wheat.

Small farm.

Build and decorate a small farm. The work on a farm is never ending. A barn full of good to sell. Animals to take care of. And crops to harvest.

Big farm.

Build and decorate a big farm. The work on a farm is never ending. A barn full of good to sell. Animals to take care of. And crops to harvest.

Above every building there is an exclamation mark of orange wool with the info about that building. (do not remove this exclamation mark)

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New tasks

  • A well needs to be built.
    Do /job info 26 for more info.
  • An entrance needs to built for a house
    Do /job info 24 for more info.
  • We need to make it muddy under a bridge
    Do /job info 25 for more info.
  • ALOT OF INTERIORS are awaiting for completion. Most houses are empty right now, but each of them can be worked on.
    Do /jobs list for more info. There’s plenty of them.
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This project is now complete!
It’s been complete for a little while now, and will be released imminently.
Thanks for helping out!