The EpicQuestz Newsletter #29 (22/06/20)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue 29 - 22 June 2020
Editor’s Note
Hello everyone! It’s me, Thingol, pleased to be doing a second Newsletter. A fair amount has happened this fortnight on all our projects, and I’ve also been at work on the Resource Pack front. I won’t ramble any more, and head right into this.
Project Progress

Osgiliath | In Progress
Project Leader: @the_pharaohs_cat

“Builders are once again allowed to work on Osgiliath, althought there has not been too much builder activity. Tobberz has been working further to plan the workshops and warehouses near the docks. The palace-type building in District 1 has now been finished (exterior-wise).”

Setton | In Progress
Project Leaders: @LimeeFox, @raarmaarwaar

“There has been significant progress on Setton, with 95 jobs completed in the span of two weeks. We are approaching the completion of half of the fields, and we started working on a few farms. We have improved some parts of the terrain and added grass. The forests continue to be worked on. We have finally textured the roads and paths, and I started decorating the streets with crates, plants and props. The Lemon Seagull inn has been completed, as well as two barns. A couple more interiors have been started.”

Aldburg | In Progress
Project Leader: @Tobberz

“the_pharaohs_cat has perfected my design for the outer palisade which I am now working on implementing. The rough plan is effectively complete, but I’ll need to work with said Lead Builder to finalise the house design with regards to the inner Fortress.”

Other Developments

The Powers That Be didn’t give me much for this section this time round, so I thought I’d talk about the Resource Pack situation. Tobberz split the Eriador pack off from the Rohan pack, and made some changes regarding which textures go in which pack. Meanwhile I have been experimenting around with a few new textures, for instance a blue coloured shutter for Eriador & Gondor, as well as some new stone textures. Me and @the_pharaohs_cat both have the “Deputy Texturer” rank now to help the Lead Texturer who is @Tobberz. None of the changes are public yet, but hopefully Tobberz will help out in the last part, finalise the changes, release the pack, and make public the update log!

There’s also no Tech Corner this week as according to @StealWonders, nothing has happened. Despite this, stuff has actually happened: there is now an in-development “Job GUI” you get when you type /job list!

No promotions this fortnight, although I have noticed quite a few new Trial candidates who will hopefully join us soon.

Member Tasks

- Use the /job list command for a list of jobs that can be claimed - the instructions regarding claiming, teleporting, etc. are quite obvious in the GUI. Don’t forget to do /job done [job] when you finish one!

Featured Creation

This fortnight’s featured creation is @the_pharaohs_cat’s beautiful romanesque villa in Osgiliath. I’m not sure what it is going to be used for, but it looks grand!


This was enjoyable, it gives me a good excuse to explore the server and take some fun screenshots! See you next-time… whenever that is. <3

What were the three Houses of the Edain?

Answer to the previous quiz:
Q: What did the Valar do in response to the Númenóreans invading Valinor under the leadership of Ar-Pharazôn?
A: Eru absolutely went ham, he destroyed Númenór and changed the whole world so that it became a sphere (it used to be flat), removing Valinor from this temporal plain.


Grrrrrrr this is a very hard question, even for a devout Silmarillion-reader such as myself.

I’m sure that one such house is the House of Beor, but I am completely and utterly stumped with regards to the other two.
Could Ulfang (the guys who betrayed Maedhros at the Nirnaeth?) be a descendant of another house??
I’ll admit, I think that I’ll have to google the other two to jog my memory : P

Wonderful newsletter Elu, it’ll be lovely to see the end result of the new textures you guys have been working on of late


Nice newsletter, pretty pictures, niche question. Well done :slight_smile:

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<3 Thanks Tobbe and Louis

The last one was a trick question, the Valar did absolutely nothing :slight_smile:

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Oh ooeps, I should have been more specific