The EpicQuestz Newsletter #25 (26/04/20)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue #25 - 26 April 2020
Editor’s Note

Hello again, it’s me! As with the last edition there is not too much to update you on, but I’ll do my best!
Project Progress
Osgiliath | In Progress
Project Leader: @the_pharaohs_cat

“There has been little-to-no progress on Osgiliath since the last update letter, but hopefully this will change in the coming weeks, as we are nearing completion of a guide video on how to make an Osgiliath house.”
- Project Leader, @the_pharaohs_cat

Rohan Terrain | In Progress
Project Leader: @Enoshade

“Unfortunately Enoshade was unavailable for comment, but the Rohan terrain has been imported into the 1.15 server and will be soon worked on by him to make some finishing touches. We will then start on Aldburg.”
- Owner, @Tobberz

Setton | In Progress
Project Leaders: @LimeeFox & @raarmaarwaar

“We’ve completed 21 house exteriors in total, and added a layout for a couple more, however those are farm houses. We worked on the forest east of the village but it is still not complete. There is a little garden park which is now complete in the center of the village, and we almost finished working on one of the log storage areas. The farm fields are at an early stage of planning. The main builder jobs consist of interior building. More details are accessible via /jobs list in-game thanks-to StealWonders and raarmaarwaar."
- Project Leader, @LimeeFox

Other Developments

According to @the_pharaohs_cat (heyyy look it’s me :slight_smile:):

“I have been working on creating new textures for the two different resource packs (Gondor and Rohan). The Gondor pack has seen the most development, and many of the textures that have been made will likely remain exclusive to this pack. We welcome any contributions to the resource pack.”

Technical Corner

PlotSquared v5 & HeadDataBase have been purchased and put onto the server. The Middle-Earth & Osgiliath worlds have been switched to the 1.15 server. Updated JukeBox, LightCleaner, LuckPerms, NoteBlockAPI and PetBlocks (this has reset all data yet again, f). The 1.13 dynmap has been shut in preparation for its move to the 1.15 server.


Congratulations to @Antzorg for his promotion from Guest to Builder

What Can Members Do?

Fear not, average EQ citizen with nothing to do, boy have we got something for you!

On a less rhyming note, you can now use /job list to find all tasks to complete in the projects. We have not, however, started using this system on Osgiliath, so you will have to rely on the legend blocks (and yes, they are legendary).

Featured Creation

This week’s featured creations goes to… drum-roll please (if you don’t then I’ll steal your beans…)

@LimeeFox, with his newest fancy mansion.


Sadly this edition has been somewhat bereft of the usual memery from me, but do not despair, all is not lost (idk where I’m going with this so I’m just gonna end it). Have fun folks, don’t forget to eat breadsticks!
- Adios, @the_pharaohs_cat.

BI-WEEKLY QUIZ: (jeez no need to yell)
Which two regions of Middle Earth do the parents of Eldacar (the twenty-first King of Gondor) come from? (Hint: this caused the Gondorian Kin Strife.)

Answer to the previous quiz:
In total the Lord of the Rings Trilogy won 17 Academy Awards. Here is a chart of all the wins.

Return of the King is tied for the most Academy Awards wins with Ben Hurr and Titanic, that being 11 awards.


By gum,
This is the hardest question yet.
Thanks for the hint though, if I remember the Appendices correctly then I can have a stab at it
(Is it the Appendices or the Account of the Rings of Power from the Silmarillion?)

Anyway, from what I remember the Kings of Gondor were very keen on keeping their bloodline pure, and maintaining their old Numenorean ways (Time for some H a b s b u r g). So the dad of Eldacar, [insert name here], after one of his wars northwards of Gondor, somewhere near what would be Rohan?, or where the original “Rohirrim” lived to the North of Mirkwood?, I don’t know the exact location.
Anyway the King does a big Romeo and Juliet and decides to cop off with this lady from the ‘native men’, i.e the ones who didn’t help in the Wars with Morgoth and stayed in what is now Middle Earth, they never got to go to Numenor etc etc.
And so the King and this woodland Lady have a kid, and this causes a big political crisis in Gondor, which then results in the Kin-Strife, burning and sacking of Osgiliath and so on and so forth.

Hope that was correct : P

Wonderful newsletter Cat, please don’t steal my beans i beg


I know the answer! I know the answer!

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thanks for making this newsletter. Really helps