The EpicQuestz Newsletter #64 (19/11/23)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
ISSUE 64 - 19 November 2023

Editor’s Note

Hello everyone! As this is my first time writing a newsletter, an introduction is in place. I am Rio155, the first member and co-founder of the marvelous Builder Army, the newest batch of EQ builders that has declared war on all jobs! But that’s not the reason we are here today. I am providing you with everything you need to know on what’s happened in the last month and a bit. So without further ado, let us look at the progress that myself and all our other awesome EQ members have made on our lovely server!

Project Progress

Osgiliath | In Progress
Project Leader: @LimeeFox

Thanks to the_pharaohs_cat’s stylistical approval of the new house design for the third district, we’ve been able to start working on it! A few dozen jobs were created to build exteriors along with the interior structure, all for the third district, and half of it is already complete. Massive thanks to the builders for this remarkable progress pace! Hopefully Tobberz and I will be able to make further city layout planning as soon as possible, because clearly at this work rate, we’ll need to open up more districts.
It is however worth mentioning that the interior decoration, along with the street decoration, will only happen long after the majority of the city is complete. This is a necessary measure in order to smoothly work on the ruined version of the city. No decoration means it’s a lot easier to ruin, since we won’t have to worry about stuff that would have been gone, such as most wooden structures but also textile, props, etc…
- Project Leader, @LimeeFox

Bree | In Progress
Co-Leader: @LimeeFox Co-Leader: @lee_yam11

As per the last newsletter, Bree has been predominantly interior focussed as of late. We have seen a number of both structures and decorations complete, and the builders have been gradually chipping away at the block. LimeeFox and I begun discussing when to construct the stables complex to the north, but we have elected to wait a little, so as to not create even more interior jobs for the team.
*- Project Co-Leader @lee_yam11 *

Dead Marshes | Complete!
Project Leader: @raarmaarwaar

A big hooray for all of us who have contributed to the project! It’s completed! Now, we need to create some impressive screenshots and a short video before we can make it available for download. After that, our first survival map will be playable for everyone on the internet.
- Project Leader, @raarmaarwaar

Other Developments

A fair other few things has happened this past month worth mentioning:

A Build-Off was held and hosted by our very own lee_yam11. This years winner is a veteran of EQ: CasualBlue aka Kicker_19. Congratulations to him and all the other competitors! Definitely go check out the results here!

Earlier this month, EpicQuestz celebrated its 12th birthday! More information is written in an article written by big boss Tobberz. Read up on that here.

And lastly, the staff team behind EpicQuestz have been talking about the future plans of the server in one of their staff meetings. A lot was discussed, and a full report has been summarised by the_pharaohs_cat. You can see it here.

Technical Corner

We have a new backup system, and we take 4 snapshots a day now, instead of the previous 3.


This month our list isn’t near a big as last time, but we still have our fourth consecutive newsletter with a promotion!

Kabouterblokje has been promoted to builder!
Huntifi has been promoted to builder!

May many more follow their example and join the Builder Army!

Featured Creation

This time’s featured creation goes to StarshipRanger and EbiWan. Earlier this week, the two of them along with lee_yam11 and myself, went for some team-building on Hypixel to show off our build skills in the Build Battle gamemode. Star and Ebi managed to get second place with this epic whale. The best part of this teambuilding wasn’t the builds we made but the laughter and amusement we had while having a lot of fun together! To more of these moments in these coming years!


So folks, that’s everything you need to know this month. Quite a bit has happened on and off-server. Let’s all hope for another month with good fortune and progress! Lastly, a thank you to EbiWan for providing me with pretty photos, and to lee_yam11 for giving me the opportunity to make a newsletter! This was me Rio155! I hope you all have a most wonderful day, and until next time!


They come out at night without being called, and are lost in the day without being stolen…

What am I?

Answer to the previous quiz:
Last newsletter’s quiz question answer was ‘a coffin’. Congratulations to Lord_GiacomoS for getting the answer right!


Thanks for a brilliant first newsletter! And thanks to our glorious Editor in Chief for taking you on as his Editor-apprentice.

I feel the answer to the quiz is something like stars, but not sure.

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Nice letter, welcome to the elite list of newsletterers! as for the quiz, dreams maybe? idk im so bad at this

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Excellent, my young apprentice, it’s been a joy seeing you spread your editorial wings and fly to the greats heights of newsletter glory!

I think mister Berz is most likely right with his guess, but i’m gonna switch it up and say you, Rio. Because you’re a star :’)

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