Build-Off #6 Results

Build Off #6: Results

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who took part! I hope you guys all had fun, and hopefully we can host more of these little competitions as a server. They’re a great chance to build something new and unique, as they often focus on locations we don’t cover as a team. Secondly, a thank you to @ebiwan02, who helped me out by taking screenshots of the three winners. Anyway, enough waffle let’s get into what you’re all here for: to the victor belongs the spoils.

Third Place

In third place - and winner of 75 gold - is @Sitich96! Despite coming third, this entry had the highest total score for originality, reaching a 59 in total.

Second Place

The runner up, and now the proud owner of 100 gold, is @TheApplePianu. Missing out by only a single point, he scored 63, and wins the silver medal for a second time. A special praise must be given for scoring a maximum 15/15 on the ‘reference’ category.

First Place

And finally, the big cheese themselves, the winner of 150 gold: @_Kicker19! He scored 64 points. A veteran of EpicQuestz, he returns to show his skill once more.

As previously mentioned, a thank you to those who joined in on this competition. And congratulations to the victorious three! I shall be sure to deposit your winnings into your EmpireWar account soon. I hope to see you all for another one of these build-offs soon - preferably less than two and half years down the line this time around. But alas, time flows as a river to the sea, and we are but the sediment at its bed. Farewell, folks.


Congrats yall!!! Glad to see people building :smiley:


Congratulations to all, and thanks to the judges and Mr. Dog Lover for running the competition.

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