Dead Marshes

Dead marshes

/warp dead-marshes
Project leader: @raarmaarwaar
Resource Pack: EQPack Eriador

From the Tolkien gateway: Dead Marshes - Tolkien Gateway

The Dead Marshes were reeking wetlands that lay north-west of the Dagorlad and south-east of the Emyn Muil. The marshes were an endless network of pools and soft mires filled with water-courses, and in the dark waters could be seen the dead from battles of long ago.

[The Dead Marshes: There and Back Again – Vision Of The Palantir]

This is a new kind of project for us. We are going to make our first, of hopefully many, survival maps. The goal is to make a map where the player has some challenges to complete. From fighting ghosts to finding treasure. It is an vanilla map, so there won’t be any command blocks or cool tricks. I think we shall learn a lot along the way of making this map!

The map will be 500x500 blocks, the surfacs the basics are done. There will be some small trees and bushes, but a lot of grass and ferns. the swamp will be full of sinkholes and small rivers that cut deeper in to the surface. As the dead where burried here we shall make some tombs and graves. like little eastereggs to be found for the player.