The EpicQuestz Newsletter #63 (08/10/23)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
ISSUE 63 - 08 October 2023

Editor’s Note

Salutations folks! Slightly over a month has passed since the previous newsletter, and a busy month it has been to say the least. We have had plenty of promotions, possibly even a record breaking number. I have a LOT to say in the subject of project progress, especially Bree. I might even have a sneaky mention of something coming up in the near future. Does that tickle your fancy? Whether you answered yes or no, you’re here now, so you might as well read the rest.

Project Progress

Unfortunately folks, I wasn’t free today to take any fancy screenshots. This means today, all you’re getting is photos of the films from google. Feel free to drop into my discord DMs to hurl hatred my way. Without further ado: Osgiliath.

Osgiliath | In Progress
Project Leader: @LimeeFox

We’ve completed many new buildings in the first district! We’ve tried to emphasize prettier facades around squares and bigger streets. We are beginning to realize that the chosen house design for Osgiliath doesn’t quite appeal to one’s expectation of Gondorian architecture, especially given that we’re trying to somewhat follow Peter Jackson’s adaptions. We believe the house design is too modern. Since we spent quite an effort building the first district, we aren’t going to redo everything now, but we’ll be actively looking for opportunities to improve the existing builds. The advantage of this district is that it’s wealthy, and as such we could allow for those houses to be more “advanced”. But in the near future, we’ll be sorting out a new design to follow for poorer districts.
- Project Leader, @LimeeFox

Bree | In Progress
Co-Leader: @LimeeFox Co-Leader: @lee_yam11

A lot to say here, since Bree has seen a spectacular amount of progress in the last month. Several of our newest builders have declared war on interiors, and subsequently begun a conquest on the internal decoration of Bree. As a result of this, they’ve stampeded through the streets and many of the previously empty house are now fully decorated.
As for house construction, LimeeFox and I held a build session a week or so ago, which was - to say the least - pretty good. We added a crazy number of houses, I scanned over after we had finished and counted somewhere in the region of 40 buildings. This included a rather extensive complex for the brothel, and several of the outer, singe story houses for farmers and lower class families. People came and went during this session of course, but we reached about ten or so in number, and the most exciting part of the evening: the Bree House Speedrun World Record Attempt! We managed to build an entire house in 3 minutes and 26 seconds. A good effort, I’d say.
On the smaller side of things, Fox and I planned out a large stable complex to the left of the main town, and a handful of the garden/park areas have been decorated with some trees and nice natural decor.
- Project Leader, @lee_yam11

Dead Marshes | In Progress
Project Leader: @raarmaarwaar

We are steadily approaching the final stages of completing the map. We’ve incorporated a significant number of dungeons and made custom underground enhancements. Above ground, we plan to introduce additional levitation elements to alleviate the flatness and add depth to the terrain. Additionally, we’ll be including trees and bushes to enhance the vegetation, providing strategic cover from potential enemies.
- Project Leader, @raarmaarwaar

Other Developments

For the members amongst my lovely readers, we have added /warp v3-setton, as progress has begun making it ready and playable as an Empire War map. Several permissions to do with our armour stands editing mod have been updated, such as invisibility toggle.

Technical Corner

- Removed teleport delay for commands such as /warp and /tpa


Now this one is a hefty list:

  • Rotto_o has been promoted to Builder.
  • Sitich96 has been promoted to Builder.
  • StarshipRanger has been promoted to Builder.
  • EbiWan has been promoted to Builder.
  • Kabouterblokje has been promoted to Trial.
  • Huntifi has been promoted to Trial.
  • Flaming_PvP has been promoted to Trial.

And now for the big one, our beloved leader @LimeeFox has been elevated to one of the greats. The keen-eyed amongst you may have noticed in the project leader colours above, but he is now one of red-named, all-powerful, powerhouses of EpicQuestz: an Admin.

Featured Creation

Today we’re back with mister @DragonLordPixal, but instead of his megaproject Arcania, this time it’s something a little more realistic. Here’s something he’s designed on his architecture course, which just caught my eye when posted in the discord,


Outros are always the toughest part of this thing to write, so instead I’ll just waffle a little about outros in general. The issue is, it’s hard to sum up all I’ve just written without just repeating it all right back at you. Sure I can just throw out a witty remark and be done with it, but then it feels rushed and unimportant. Anyway, I know it’s best to keep the outro short, that much is obvious, so I’ll stop typing now. Goodbye! And thanks for reading, I love you.

A Bonus Section?

I feel like I’m breaking some sort of ancient rule writing this here, after the outro, but I thought I’d leave the exciting news until right at the end, just to surprise you. Some of you may remember, around two and half years ago, we held our previous EpicQuestz build competition. Now, if you ask me, that’s an awfully long time, and I think we’re well overdue another one. That is why, my friends, I am announcing the EpicQuestz Build-Off #6! The full details of this will follow some time this week, including judges, prizes, and the deadlines, I’m only telling you now to get you all excited. Clear your calenders for the second half of October, because you guys will want to be free to take part.


I quite like the idea of riddles for the quiz question, so here’s another one:

The man who built me doesn’t want me.

The man who bought me doesn’t need me.

The man who used me never saw me.

What am I?

Answer to the previous quiz:
Last week, I left you with another riddle, asking how a man killed 126 sailors by turning off the lights and going to sleep. Well congratulations to one our newest builders @Starship for getting the right answer:
The man was a lighthouse keeper. When he turned out all the lights, including the one guiding sailors to shore, 126 men died in the ensuing darkness.


The #BuilderArmy will complete every job thrown our way! We are just getting started!

Oh a red name me o_o

As for the riddle, I’m so bad at this xD
I genuenily- genuenly- genuieineily- whatever- have no clue… is it an Empire War point booster?

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The war was inevitable. As is the rise of the Builder Army!

If I had to guess, the answer to the riddle would be a coffin (specifically one bought for another person)

explanation of my theory:

  • the man who built it wouldn’t want to die so they wouldn’t want the coffin
  • the man who bought the coffin would still be alive, and wouldn’t need this specific coffin for themselves as they’re using it for someone else
  • the person inside would be too dead to see that they’re using the coffin
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