The EpicQuestz Newsletter #54 (19/12/21)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue #54 - 19 December 2021

Editor’s Note

Hi hello good evening good morning hello. And Merry Christmas! It will soon be the big day, and since this is to be the last newsletter of the year, I suppose it’s fitting to say how fast it’s all gone and the rest of the cliches. On the topic of things going fast, let’s hurry up and get into the part you all care about instead of my aimless babbling!
-Editor, @lee_yam11

Project Progress

Aldburg | In Progress
Project Leader: @Tobberz

Aldburg is awaiting a final quality control check before the work begins on a cinematic + release. The map is certainly the most well designed, detailed, rounded map we have ever had the privilege to work on. I’m sure I join all the staff in thanking all those that helped for their hard work over the last year to get the map to where it is now!
- Editor, @lee_yam1

Bree | In Progress
Co-Leader: @LimeeFox Co-Leader: @dog_lover11

Progress on Bree has been steady but limited as of late. Some more interiors have been completed, the gates have been added, and progress to the surrounding terrain has begun. There is ongoing debate as to the colouring of the trees and foliage in the Bree terrain, which has limited recent terrain progress. The designers are considering the new idea of creating differently coloured versions of each tree and using //paste -b to paste the trees in while retaining their biome colour. This idea would make it easier to control the shade of leaves throughout an area, as well as make it easier to distinguish between different species of tree. The designers also discussed the idea of more forest atmosphere, such as fallen trees. LimeeFox plans to host several build sessions in the two coming weeks to do further progress on exteriors & continue recording the timelapse!
- Project Leader, @LimeeFox

Other Developments

In the recent staff meeting, we decided to run a member survey! So whether you are active or inactive, as long as you have a Member role on discord (builder or artist), we would really like for you to complete it! The responses are anonymous, and the survey should take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. It is very important for the future of the team! You will find the link to it in member-notices on our discord server (it will be pinned). Thanks!

On the topic of staff meetings, the whole summary of the event can be read here!

The 10th year anniversary build-off, which now seems so long ago, was a success, and the relevant prizes have long since been issued. Here’s a tasty looking image of the grand winner, @TheApplePiano’s creation.

Technical Corner

The server can now be joined on versions up to 1.18.1.

Featured Creation

LimeeFox excels himself again with a truly magnificent rendition of Amon Sul, better known to most as Weathertop. The ancient fortress located in Eriador, and was the site at which Frodo is stabbed during the early events of The Fellowship of the Ring. He created two editions, one ruined and one in pristine condition. Pictured below is - I’m sure you’ll be able to tell - the intact version.


Once again, I wish you all the very best Christmas, and New Year. Hard to believe the year is almost totally wrapped up, but looking forwards to 2022, I am almost certainly that EpicQuestz will excel this year with project releases and progress. Take care my dears, and enjoy the holiday season. We’ve all earnt it! <3

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