The EpicQuestz Newsletter #49 (28/06/21)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue #49 - 28 June 2021

Editor’s Note

What’s poppin’ yo it’s me back again with another fun and exciting update as we fast approach the fiftieth newsletter. Exciting, I know! A troublesome chap might appear later in this edition, but we’ve got a bit to get through today, so I’ll just dive in head first without a second thought.

Project Progress

Aldburg | In Progress
Project Leader: @Tobberz

Now I’m freer work has started clunking back into action on Aldburg. @the_pharaohs_cat and I have started work on a ruined section on the second hill of Aldburg, near the manor house. I’ve also created a few more jobs. Hopefully there will be more progress over the next month!
- Project Leader, @Tobberz

Bree | In Progress
Co-Leader: @LimeeFox Co-Leader: @dog_lover11

We fixed a couple of issues following some broken World Edit operations. A big chunk of the city has been laid out including the hedge around the city. Otherwise, we’ve completed a few more interiors. Special thanks to DragonLordPixal for his contribution throughout the past couple of months.
- Project Leader, @LimeeFox

EpicQuestz Interviews

Today’s subject needs almost no introduction, but I will say that he’s spent almost more time causing a nuisance than he has contributing to the server. Nonetheless we get to see his special insight on his history as a green namer, so here’s @Louis_rc with more on… himself. I guess.

How did you first find EpicQuestz?
I vaguely remember googling “Lord of the Rings build server” and I guess that was what brought me to EQ. I then went flying around everywhere to all the builds, different warps, and the likes with the :open_mouth: face and my naive 2019 self asked if any help was needed on Edhellond (which had been like 2 years before I arrived lol).

Who do you remember meeting first?
I’m pretty sure that the first few people I met were TheBeserker (rip in peace mr irishman), and LimeeFox, but the first two people i remember properly getting to know were MarcelAlKenany and Mr Dogga. I goofed around a lot with Marcel while I was working on my 3rd builder plot (marcel cannon OP), and my first memory of Dogga was me teaching him how to use the armour stands plugin hehehe. I also have this fun screenshot of my introduction to the discord and the wonderful non-threatening community!

What was the first project or job you did as a member?
The first proper job I ever did was some barracks on Helm’s Deep, but my first PROJECT was definitely my never-ending quest to become a green memer

If you were to build one location from Middle Earth as a project, what would it be?
I do very very much like the Shire. If I had enough motivation and basic world edit skills i’d love to do a nice build of the Shire, specifically the Green Dragon, and Bag End, obviously

What is your favourite epicquestz meme?
There are so many EpicQuestz MEMES to choose from oh my… I think the dog_lover11 armour stand dog was an absolutely marvellous creation and I think it should be memed always and forever. Look at the babyyyy he so cute awe c:

Other Developments

@Enoshade’s progress on terrain is temporarily inhibited due to issues with the world painter programme.

Technical Corner

Unfortunately, no-one was around to give me a summary of technical things, so I have to do the best I can myself (i.e. I’m gonna make it up)

The scheduled backups that the server undergoes automatically were successful, and the other stuff like RAM is working too.


There have been no promotions or demotions the last fortnight.

Featured Creation

This week, we have a very nice Roman plot by Tiborrius, who I regret to say I don’t know too much about, so I can’t do a flashy introduction ):
But it’s a very nice creation, so feast your eyes below!


That’s all folks! It all comes to a close now, and I’m glad to see projects seem to be picking up again. Anyways peace out, yo.


How many years did the Third Age last?

Answer to the previous quiz:

The largest creature on record (or at least detailed by Tolkien) was Ancalagon the Black, the greatest of all Morgoth’s dragons. His size was so utterly immense that when he was slain, he flattened the three volcanoes of Thangorodrim. This answer does not include the nameless things of Moria, since there is no telling the size or really anything about these creatures.

Here’s a cool image of him I found on what I assume to be Thangorodrim (:


If I remember correctly the T.A. was 3,021 years long ending with the complete defeat of Sauron and end of the One Ring.