Rohan Pack

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The Rohan Pack was split off from Legacy Pack 3.1 in 2020.

Version 0.3

- texture: petrified oak slab -> dirt slab
- name: 'Petrified Oak Slab' -> 'Dirt Slab'

- texture: edited to fit with Gondor pack

- texture: dead horn coral block -> dark stone
- name: 'Dead Horn Coral Block' -> 'Dark Stone'

- texture: dead bubble coral block -> dark stone bricks
- name: 'Dead Bubble Coral Block' -> 'Dark Stone Bricks'

other lang file fixes

Version 0.5

all custom doors (except iron_door, which is still old)
all custom trapdoors (except iron_trapdoor, which is still old)
custom name fixes
custom fence/wall fixes
centralised development stream