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This is both so I can keep track of all the screenshots I know of to do with EpicQuestz, and also so if you happen to take any nice images you can post them on this thread. I’ll try to keep it organised, but that will fail.

I’m including everything built on EQ, which include Empire War maps which we haven’t released for whatever reason.

I haven’t credited anything here as I’m never quite sure who they’re from. But as a general rule, they’re probably taken by me, @LimeeFox, @the_pharaohs_cat or if its a render, @Enoshade.

Morannon - The Black Gate of Mordor
This is a map we built for Empire War. Due to the fact it is very innacurate and specifically designed for PvP, we have chosen not to release the map at this time.

2 Screenshots

Full Album:

There are a large number of Edhellond screenshots, and I only have a few of them here. There’s a selection in the spoiler. See the Imgur albums below for more.

6 Screenshots during the day

4 Screenshots during the night

1 Render by Enoshade

4 Albums: : : :

I have more to come, but please feel free to post anything you have. The point of this is to act as a sort of archive of pictures which are available for future use.


My (Other) Renders of Edhellond:

My Renders of Black Gate:




(Edit highlights on Instagram, they have a good picture editing software, if you’re an expert like me)

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Screenshots that haven’t been used in any Newsletters (Minas Tirith and Barad Dur):

The rest of the screenshots here are ones that I have used:

Minas Tirith (8 Screenies)

Aldburg (5 Screenies)

Various screenshots for Newsletter #38 (unused screenshots of Aldburg and Grimslade)

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Screenshots for Newsletter #40

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“boom, you lookin’ for this?”

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