The EpicQuestz Newsletter #62 (04/09/23)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
ISSUE 62 - 04 Semptember 2023

Editor’s Note

Welcome one and all back to my little pitstop on the corner of the internet. I trust you’ve all had a good [checks notes] six weeks since we last met here. And I know what you’re thinking, “But Mr. lee yam, isn’t the newsletter meant to be a weekend Sunday night thing???”. Yes. It is. But i forgot yesterday. Anyway; as summer draws to a close, I’d like to reflect with you on the last few weeks, and remind you of some of the fun times we’ve all had. Assuming, of course, you only want to hear about the fun times related to EpicQuestz, otherwise you’re in for a long read. Let’s get started with some delicious Bree updates!

Project Progress

Bree | In Progress
Co-Leader: @LimeeFox Co-Leader: @lee_yam11

Bree has seen a nice amount of work lately, with the interior jobs being snapped up by our newest members. Several new jobs have been added as a result of this, and hopefully soon enough myself and LimeeFox will organise another build session to construct some more of the houses around the outer town area. In the meantime, there are a few more interior jobs, both for structure and decoration, for you lovely lot to be cracking on with.
- Project Leader, @lee_yam11

Empire War v3 Revamps | Complete
Project Leader: @LimeeFox

Throughout the latter part of July, and all of August, we worked on a revamp for two prominent maps in Middle Earth: Osgiliath and the Black Gate. Both of these were in aid of our good friends over at Empire War, for the launch of their brand new, totally remodelled and improved server. The maps follow the same structure as they have for years, but almost entirely redecorated and reconstructed to match the standards we have today. The maps were both complete in the final days of August. On behalf of the staff teams of both EpicQuestz and Empire War, I’d like to thank both the members and non-members for their hard work, which allowed us to reach the tight deadlines we were running on. For anyone who is not familiar with Empire War, I shall link their discord here.
-Editor, @lee_yam11

Other Developments

As mentioned above, our longterm friends, Empire War, recently opened their doors on a brand new server, recoded from scratch. As a result of this, our lovely media man himself, @LimeeFox recorded and edited a cinematic trailer for them on our server, as well as a collection of youtube shorts. They can be watched here!

Technical Corner

At the kind donation of Gelek, we have added a new Arceon plugin to our server, available to players of any rank. This allows players to create fantastic shapes with far more ease, with the likes of the /arch, /roof, and /road commands. The full list of features can be soon on the wiki, linked here, and they are well worth an investigation, since they are both very useful once learnt, and also a lot of fun to mess around with and test out.

We have also enabled the debug stick to be used by all players, as well as fixed the /discord command in game (at last).


StarshipRanger and kingmarvin have both been promoted to trial and @Distraction has been promoted to builder after a successful trial,

Featured Creation

This weeks lovely piece of work is by our lovely @Stavrdaf and @Rio. who built this handsome looking camp for the Rhun army, on our Black Gate revamp.

(bonus image)


Slightly less project updates than the last newsletter i wrote, but I’m still glad to see things happening in our marvellous little community.
And you know, a wise man once said, “If you do something perfectly once, you’ll never have to do it again.”.
I chose to ignore that and write another newsletter. Farewell everybody!


I thought this time round, we’d have a riddle. Just to keep things fresh. This one shouldn’t be too difficult…

A man decides he is tired, so turns out all the lights in his home and goes to sleep.

When he wakes up, he finds he has killed 124 sailors.

He has slept all through the night, and has not sleepwalked.

How is this possible?

Answer to the previous quiz:

We didn’t have a quiz last time ):


Was it the captain who sank the boat? o_o

a lighthouse man that lives in the lighthouse, thus turning off the lighthouse lamp as a part of the light in his home? seems dangerous