The EpicQuestz Newsletter #20 (03/02/20)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter

Issue 20 - 03 February 2020

Editor’s Note
I am most definitely not ready for this. Spent much of the day procrastinating but alas, the time has come at 23:15 for me to actually start writing the darned thing (of course it isn’t a darned thing, it’s a wonderful tradition and I fully respect and admire it please don’t ban me bes I beg of you). So, I, your friendly neighbourhood @Louis_rc, the God of Tea, as Sav put it once, will be your presenter today : D

Special Limited Edition quote!

“I hope next week you have an editor who can tell better jokes.” - Doggo, last edition.

The Fool.

(of a Took)

- Editor, @Louis_rc

Project Progress

Osgiliath | In Development

“Osgiliath has been started as the current non-Rohan project (in place of Minas Ithil, as it was too terrain heavy). It will move away from 100% movie accuracy, as the movies do not provide too much inspiration. I have begun planning the houses, and the_pharaohs_cat has come up with some preliminary house designs to use. Other assets such as the bridge and the Dome of the Stars are also being worked on.”

*- Creator, @Tobberz *

Rohan Terrain | In Progress

“I am still working on the Rohan terran. Trees and rocks have been mostly completed on Builder’s Refuge, but I still need to export them and place them into the terrain. In world-painter, Aldburg is quite close to completion, but the textures still need work. The rest of Southern Rohan I will still need to edit heavily, especially the locations of major builds, e.g. Helm’s Deep. Once Southern Rohan is completed, progress will begin on Northern Rohan. Lots of trees and other assets will need to be made for Fangorn Forest to make it as immersive as possible. The Osgiliath project has temporarily lifted some of the stress on Rohan Terrain progress, so I’ll be able to take it easy with a clean conscience.”

- Designer, @Enoshade

Other Developments

The survival beta server has been moved off EQ, meaning that donors are no longer paying for it. Of course, this means that it is no longer related to EQ, and will be regarded as a separate project.

However, I am of the rather controversial view that EpicSurvivalWonder MCKingsOfCraft is still techincally part of EQ (same members and all) and so here’s a little taster of what you get in our Alyrian Survival server, (which is its actual name)…

Above you will see a perfectly-timed screenshot from our very own @dog_lover11, capturing the moment when Me, Haring, Marcel, Haldir, Borin, Tropic, Stav and the previously mentioned Doggo went on a quest to kill the Ender Dragon. Haring died twice, and I died about 20 minutes later with the 70 levels I got from the dragon. A really stressful experience, but definitely the most fun I’ve had playing survival for a long while (I believe that’s everyone, sorry if I’ve accidentally missed someone out). As I hope I’ve described, we have a blast (literally, in Jelle’s case) on the survival server, and I encourage anyone who hasn’t yet done so to join right away.

Anyway, back to normality:

  • The first staff meeting was held recently, and according to the @Tobberz , it was a great success. If you want to find out what’s bin said, you can read the summary/minutes here (EpicQuestz Staff Meeting (18/1/2020)).

  • LimeeFox is currently doing his wonderful editing, working on a video by Tobberz to be posted on the YouTube Channel soon, which will detail the current state of projects, including the Rohan Project.

  • This past fortnight we got our first promotion to Builder, through the use of the new system (see below in the Promotions section)

-A new build-off has been announced! It is being run by @Enoshade, with the topic being The Barrow Downs. This is one of the few things at the moment that us proles can take part in for now, and judging by the last competition run by Lime, this one should e just as good. Give Eno a message if you’d like to take part!

  • As I’m sure you all know, our Friendly Neighbourhood Irishman, @thebeserker has recently stepped down as Manager, taking with him both Nordinbad and Barad-dûr


Technical Corner

“Everything is fucked, the server room is on fire.”

- Administrator, @StealWonders

Most progress regarding the technicalities can be seen in the recent staff meeting, which you can read in full here.


Congratulations to @Elu_Thingol who has been promoted to Builder!

Featured Creation

This week we witness an end to the reign of Cat and his featured works. Below is one of @LimeeFox’s most recent plots. (take note of those oversized, yet beautiful flowers)


Contrary to last edition, it’s been a nice quiet week regarding project work, although we have Enoshade’s build competition to look forward to.

I hope you can all forgive my lengthy waffle on the survival server : )

BI-WEEKLY QUIZ: {QUIZ QUESTIONS}. Ooooooooh baby it’s my time to shine. NAME EVERY KING OF GONDOR

That was a joke.

A nice Silmarillion-related question for you lot today, as I love that area and I feel like a nice challenging one, but not as horrible as dog’s one last week. Crazy, that question.

I apologise in advance to any of you who haven’t read the Silmarillion yet…

Name the Five Battles of Beleriand (extra kudos if you can give the elvish names. Don’t worry about being word-for-word accurate for the English names, as long as you’re close enough then I may take pity on you.)

COMMENT DOWN BELOW! Answer is revealed in the next newsletter!

Answer to the previous quiz: From the base of the Outer, (black) City Wall to the top of the Tower of Ecthelion is roughly 1,000 feet, or 304.8 metres tall.


Nice, only one error I could see, that being the whole section about the survival server, K I D D I N G…

When you talked about the staff meeting you said “what’s bin said”

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Sounds legit; epic.

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It’s a joke for how TRASH the meeting is :stuck_out_tongue:

“Everything is fucked, the server room is on fire”
-@stealwonders, 2020


Congratulations Louis, you were only a little bit overdrawn! I am, of course joking…
It was very overdrawn :wink:

Also I cannot forgive ur waffle. It was bad.
Love you really xx

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A reference of mine to Donovan and his album “What’s Bin Did and What’s Bin Hid”
Rest assured, it isn’t a horrible spelling mistake

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I’m looking forward to working on Osgiliath

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The God of tea has done it again, very nice newsletter my green memer

Gaze upon me, for I am Tea
Thanks O God of Speed! : D

Five battles of Beleriand? Oh well, here goes my pitiable attempt (spoilers, be warned):
Fëanor HECKING DIES Battle
The one where Morgoth’s fortress is blocked off and he’s stuck with only being able to send orcs into the North.
That one where Ecthelion and Glorfindel kill a Balrog each. Also Gondolin falls.
The one where Morgoth unleashes the dragons and the Dwarves use their hazmat suits. (might be called Battle of Fiery Tears or smth)
The one where the Valar break the whole fucking continent.


Banned for not giving their real elvish names.


I think what you’re after is Nirnaeth Arnoediad - Unnumbered Tears. It was the last battle as far as I remember. It’s not referred to in the Elvish as “the battle of” for some reason, but I’m guessing it would be something like Dagor Nirnaeth Arnoediad in full.