EpicQuestz Staff Meeting (18/1/2020)


EpicQuestz Staff Meeting - 18/1/20

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Meeting scheduled to start between 9 - 10 AM UTC, 18/1/20.
Meeting began at 9:45 AM, UTC, 18/1/20.
Meeting ended at 10:46 AM, UTC, 18/1/20.

Tobberz - Creator
Enoshade - Designer
LimeeFox - Designer
the_pharaohs_cat - Designer

Projects In-Game

Osgiliath: Osgiliath has been started as the current non-Rohan project (in place of Minas Ithil, as it was too terrain heavy). It will move away from 100% movie accuracy, as the movies do not provide too much inspiration. Tobberz has begun planning the houses, and the_pharaohs_cat is still coming up with a house design to be used in the project. Other assets such as the bridge and the Dome of the Stars are also being worked on.

Grimslade: Both the town and farms of Grimslade are now complete. The project now awaits the finished Southern Rohan terrain, when the forests will be completed and it will be placed into its location.

Barad-Dur: Officially “cancelled” due to its manager stepping down.

Nordinbad: Officially “cancelled” due to its manager stepping down. Can be picked up by an artist or above.

Assets: There is a new plot in the projects world specifically for assets. The /warp assets has been moved there. The assets have been reorganised into 4 categories: terrain/landscape, structural/housing, statues and miscellaneous. The old assets warps can still be found in the warp list. Many assets still need to be copied over. A proper naming scheme for the assets is being considered if the assets are made into schematics. A thread will be created on the forums specifically dedicated to this discussion.

Projects Outside Minecraft

Rohan terrain: Enoshade is still working on the Rohan terran. He is building the assets on BuildersRefuge, and when they are all done they will be exported and placed into the terrain. In world-painter, Aldburg is quite close to completion, but the textures still need work. The rest of Southern Rohan still needs quite a lot of work, especially the locations of builds, e.g. Helm’s Deep. Once Southern Rohan is developed, progress will begin on Northern Rohan. Lots of assets will need to be made for Fangorn Forest. Osgiliath terrain has temporarily lifted some of the stress on Rohan Terrain progress.

Resource-pack: Tobberz and the_pharaohs_cat are currently working on the indev pack. The long-term aim is to have a custom texture for every block in the game, as well as having consistent textures for nearly every block.

YouTube: Tobberz recently recorded an update/intro video. This video will then be edited by LimeeFox once he has gotten past his technical difficulties. The video will then by reviewed a final time are released some time in the near future. Limeefox’s birch tree tutorial video will also be uploaded some time in the near future after some small tweaks. The aim is to have more members create videos. These do not necessarily need to be tutorials. The ideal outcome would be 1 video per week. Streams are also being considered since they require less editing effort.

Administrative Corner

Rules: Staff have given the go ahead for the provisional rules. Tob is now in charge or reports and dealing with misbehaviour. Members should go directly to him in the case of trouble. /rules will be updated (in-game). There will also be a post on the website.

Developer Corner

Technical do-hickeys: Many commands on the server have stopped working, including /rp and /ping, likely due to the new luckperms update.

Survival server: Beta test for a future survival server run by Tobberz and Stealwonders. Decisions are still being made. It will eventually become a separate but associated server.


- Osgiliath has begun being planned, and house designs are still being finalised.

- Grimslade is nearly finished, and is awaiting terrain and forest work.

- Barad-Dur and Nordinbad have been cancelled.

- Assets have been reorganised, still W.I.P.

- Rohan terrain is progressing, specifically Southern Rohan.

- Resource-pack is being worked on.

- We aim to get back into the YouTube channel, producing more videos.

- The team have agreed on a new set of rules.

- We have had some technical difficulties surrounding updates of plugins, but are trying to resolve this issue promptly.

- Expansion of the survival server is likely in future, lead by StealWonders and Tobberz


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