Forum Game: Rhymes

It is now I must interject,
For it does seem that sonic
Was not a good subject.
Perhaps a change to something Slavonic?

look at this man, he’s full of innovation
he’s clearly practiced at the brain-training station

And even so it came to pass,
Turned out that he is a dumbass

Grandma was Slavic since she was a lass
Have you heard of the war in Donbass?

unfortunately I have not. tell me, what went down?
I hope it was super dark and depressing, enough to make me frown.

It was and is still going
With gunfire rather than bowing

lets bring this back to life,
and forget abour our wife

wife? how sexist and heteronormative!!!
let’s use partner and be more informative

now Mr tobberz calm down,
lets go hunt for parnters in Yorktown!

I’d like to return to Tobb for a min
Why not use ‘spouse’ like Tolkien

Come on now that’s improper grammar,
using ‘words’ like min will get you a hammer!

No response? Have you been bested?
I must say I am quite a rhyme king
My kingship even required me to be tested!
Now who will give a rhyme that has a ring?

Rhyming couplets?? That can’t be allowed.
Your audacious behaviour is rather profound.

i do not know what to say,
so i send out a mayday!