Forum Game: Rhymes

Hello! A few minutes ago I came up with an idea of a new forum game, where each person has to reply to the person who last replied, but with two lines. For example:

Person A:
I built a mansion on my plot
And God, it’s hideous! Kid you not

Person B:
Indeed my dude, your mansion sucks
You should consider doing drugs

Get the idea? I’m excited to see the original and funny puns and clashes y’all are going to come up with, but anyways, to get started, I’ll give you something to reply to:

Last night I planned some streets in Bree
At school, a bad grade was the fee


I fear the streets were not much good
For punishment, stop eating food

You can’t just starve him, that’s unfair.
instead just punish him by shaving his hair.

hold your scissors right there.
you can’t do that, thats world’s finest hair!

if that’s the best hair, I must be blind!
Tell the truth please, we won’t mind

Alas, if that hair remains unshaven
It will become the nest of a raven

If hair is such an interesting topic
Then I must certainly be myopic

You’re myopic? I am too!
I’m Louis, it sounds like loo

I haven’t a clue what ‘myopic’ means,
stop trying to confuse me, you naughty fiends.

lol imagine being confused
Guys, quick, this news must be diffused

what news is there of which I care
none! say I. I will eat a pear.

You sound like you ran out of rhymes
You’ll be sent to australia for your crimes

The penal colony started building train tracks
Instead, let’s send criminals to the torture racks

torturing gives me borderline,
i will just sit back and sip some wine

to dine on wine will make me whine
I’d rather consume feline or swine

to be honest this is getting pretty kinky
maybe switch the topic and buy a slinky

I’m glad you decided to intervene,
let’s remain family friendly PG clean

lets go to the family friendly zoo,
they got animals al the way from Peru!

of course the zoo is a lot of fun,
but so is marking an EQ job as done! =D

but if doing EQ jobs is so grand
why not come on and lend a hand?