Where can I find the complete map of middle-earth

Hi all,
First, you guys are doing very great job here, the map you made are one of the most amazing things I know!
I am a small fun of LOTR, I’ve been chasing this film since I was a middle school student, and now I have been worked as a programer for about 14 years old.
I have a twin brother, we dream of walking & exploring & fighting in Middle-Earth world.
So is there a completely Middle-Earth Map(I mean the whole Map)?
Where / How can we find it?
Should I pay for it?
Any help will be really appreciate!


Unfortunately, we don’t have a full map download, as we haven’t built anywhere near enough of Middle Earth yet to make one. As we continue to make maps, we plan to fill out some of the terrain between the builds, but there is no full map as of yet.

There is a different build team, MCME, who are a bit farther into its completion (though still far from it) who have on their server a set of connected locations. You can visit their server and walk around an incomplete middle-earth there, however they do not have a download for it yet.

Hope this helps!