What to call progress letters?


On our old Enjin site, we had “Weekly Update Letters” to show off what had happened on the server since the last update. Whilst these were a good idea in general, calling them “weekly” perhaps was deceptive.

We have already moved to a bi-monthly/fortnightly (twice a month) format, and as such need a new name anyway. But also, we reckon a more catchy name is in order.

The Staff Team has come up with a few ideas, which you can vote on in the poll, but if you have any better ideas be sure to comment below!

  • The EpicQuestz Review
  • The EpicQuestz Newsletter
  • The EpicQuestz Times
  • The Quester

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Maybe “EpicQuestz Newsletter” or “EpicQuestz Updateletter”.

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Yea, I agree. We should call it “EpicQuestz Updateletter”

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Or just the epic letter :slight_smile:


If you vote for The Quester I’ll promote you all to Creator!
(joke, but it’s still be sad :frowning:)

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The Quester is clearly the most ideal way to name it :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree, the Quester is the best

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The EpicQuester
I mean come on guys


The EpicQuester… amazing!
I vote yes

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Well in the end we chose “The EpicQuestz Newsletter” and you can see our first one here:


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The Quester got more votes though? Democracy?