The March of Time

Vital Preamble

Over two years ago, I released an update post threateningly entitled Changing Leadership, wherein I detailed how I had already handed - and would continue to hand - powers, permissions, and responsibilities to other players.

There I hoped that by this time in 2021 I would have “stepped away entirely from almost all my remaining responsibilities, with 95% of what I was doing a year ago, being done by other staff & team members.”

I listed a number of things in that thread that I still did at the time, which I wished to divulge to others. Looking at that list from the thread, I’d say I’ve been successful in almost all of them.

A Thank You

The staff, and especially the senior staff (Enoshade and LimeeFox) have really stepped forward in the time since, and now the server is effectively run by the Designers. Without them, EpicQuestz could not have survived, and they have my undying thanks.

A Promotion

Whilst I thank all those who have helped run the server the past few years, one of them has truly crossed that threshold from senior builder to what can truly be called an “administrator”. This is a river that those who ascend to senior staff all over the Minecraft building community can relate to: a time when you find your job to ever-more be admin, rather than building. That is not to say, of course that we abandon building altogether!

With that being said, I am pleased to appoint LimeeFox to the rank of Administrator of EpicQuestz. It has been a long time coming, and I am sure all will agree that it is well-deserved.

In many ways, he has been carrying out the duties of an Administrator already, just without the lovely red name. Despite this, expect him to take on a few more additional permissions and responsibilities over the next few months.

- Tobberz