The EpicQuestz Newsletter #6 (26/05/19)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue 6 - 26 May 2019

Welcome to the sixth EpicQuestz Newsletter! I’ve been unusually organised in this one, so it’s on time. Again I’m afraid there’s no shader images this week - my little laptop isn’t capable and no one else has been able to get any together. I’ve included warps to each project mentioned this week too, so you can check out what’s been going on. Despite many people still being busy with exams, we’ve done a fair amount in the past two weeks - all things considered!

Project Progress

Minas Tirith | /warp tirith | In Progress
“Some minor progress has been made on the first level wall, but otherwise it’s been quiet.”
- Tobberz, Project Overseer

Helm’s Deep | /warp newhelms | In Progress
“I have connected the glittering caves to the keep, and am currently in the process of reworking the crystals in it. Other than that, a few minor edits to the corridor system and some manual terrain smoothing have been done.”
- Enoshade, Glittering Caves Terrainer

Barad-Dur | /warp baraddur | In Progress
“The forges are around 50% complete, and the builders have started on the armory. We’ve also completed various other small bits around the build.”
- thebeserker, Project Manager

Dale Revamp | /warp dale | In Progress
“It’s impossible to desribe the multitude of changes here from both our standard Dale download and the version hosted on Empire War. However, we are working on redoing numerous interiors as well as the natural decoration inside and outside the city. Over the past week, paths and bridges have been redone in the surrounding terrain and they are awaiting texturing. Members can check out the #project-board on Discord for instruction on helping with the interiors.”
- Tobberz, Project Overseer

Developments in Brief

Support for 1.14 with ViaVersion has been implemented, however we still strongly recommend that you join on 1.12.2 to avoid any possible glitches and bugs. The Website is now back up and links and pages are being slowly fixed, but it has meant effectively working from scratch so it won’t be perfect just yet.

The Forums are now fully integrated with our Discord through the #forums channel, which will display posts and replies to all threads here.

The Eoford cinematic is in development, but is briefly on Hold while @fox busies himself with life.

Finally, as you may have noticed, Dale has become a revamp project as it is a popular download and there is a lot that builders can do on there. It’s been worked on for a while, but it’s about time that it become an official Secondary Project.

What can Members do?

If you are good at and enjoy interiors, check the most recent post regarding Dale on the Discord #project-board, which details what to do about fixing up or redoing many of the interiors on the map. Talk to a staff member to be added to the world.

If you want to work on something a little larger, talk to @thebeserker about getting involved in Barad-Dur.

Finally, if you’re up for some monotonous but necessary work, we’d love some help in finishing off the first level wall on Minas Tirith. Talk to @Tobberz or @the_pharaohs_cat to be added if you aren’t already.

Featured Creation

Louis_rc’s mini-Rivendell in the projects world.


I hope you appreciate the new “What can Builders do?” section added this week, along with the warps now being included by the name of each project. Bear with us while the website is fixed up, and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Finally, I’m glad to say that donation-wise we are very satisfied, and have plenty of reserves to last a fair few months.


Great newsletter, I loved the extra’s and certainly enjoyed reading it! Hope to see more progress in the coming weeks of my absence!


I great and well-structured letter as per usual!
I hope that in the next few weeks more and more people will be active to build and enjoy EQ together!


I especially like that Rivendell build, looks like the work of a truly skilled builder


Yes I’m sure he is xD


This is truely an eBic conversation