The EpicQuestz Newsletter #5 (13/05/19)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue 5 - 13 May 2019

Welcome to the fifth EpicQuestz Newsletter. Firstly, sorry for the shader-less header picture, I didn’t have any little minions to take a pretty one for me! We haven’t made as much progress as usual over the past few weeks, mainly due to everyone busy in real life with exams and so on. Despite this, good progress has been made in specific areas, and we have two entirely new maps on the verge of being released. Apologies for it being delayed by a day, I had to make sure everything was in order.

Project Progress

Minas Tirith (Update) | On Hold
“I’ve placed this project on hold for now. Partially because it got out of its envisaged remit, and partially due to us focussing on other, more pressing things.”
- Tobberz, Project Overseer

Minas Tirith (Rebuild) | In Progress
“Unfortunately we’ve made no progress here over the past two weeks. Both the builders and I have been busy outside the server with other commitments.”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Archet | On Hold
“As with the Minas Tirith (Update) project, this is effectively on hold until its leader (Kicker19) has more time to spend on the server.”
- Tobberz, Project Overseer

Helm’s Deep | In Progress
“We’ve made almost all the major alterations on this map to transform it from a PvP/Siege map (that’s on Empire War now) into a more lore-accurate and explorable map for EpicQuestz. We’ve moved the stables from their previous position, and now only need to complete the glittering caves. After we’ve done that, the map will effectively be done.”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Barad-Dur | In Progress
“We have completed the first of the forges, connected the outer tower and have begun working on the inner forges.”
- thebeserker, Project Manager

Developments in Brief

As per usual I will start off with the bad news (there’s always some!). Due to some system errors a week or so ago, the main website was down for a week. It is still down in effect, and I (Tobberz) will work on fixing this when time allows. I realise it is a priority, however until next weekend I won’t have much time to do anything about it. Despite this, the forums are still up (obviously), meaning almost all our downloads except Edhellond and Ruined Isengard, along with our PvP maps, are still accessible. Our donation page is also still up at

I hear @LimeeFox has made good progress with the Eoford/Westfold cinematic, and you should be seeing that, along with a download, in the coming weeks. If all that goes to plan, we’ll be releasing a cinematic & download for the new Helms as well. This will be considered a new map, not an update to our old Helm’s Deep.

Support for 1.14 joining with ViaVersion will be implemented upon a server restart tomorrow, but we still strongly recommend you join with 1.12.2 to avoid any glitches.

Featured Creation

Something a bit different this week… here’s a short cinematic video made my @LimeeFox to showcase the Houses of Healing of Minas Tirith.


It has been a quiet two weeks, but great things are on the horizon. As well as the mentioned Helm’s Deep and Eoford releases, the Dale map should be getting an update to the download fairly soon, and this will also mean we combine the currently separate Dale and Dale (PvP) downloads. See you next time!