The EpicQuestz Newsletter #4 (28/04/19)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue 4 - 28 April 2019

Welcome to Issue #4 of our Newsletter, which has now been going for two months! We’ve had progress in some areas this week, but not so much in others. Most notably, we’ve finished Westfold and got our donations and funding in a more stable place. Also, for the first time I’ve used the same Newsletter format as last week… perhaps we’re finally getting into the flow of things. Without further ado, let’s get into the newsletter!

Project Progress

Minas Tirith (Update) | In Progress
“Nothing has happened here since last week as we have been busier on other projects.”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Minas Tirith (Rebuild) | In Progress
“A market courtyard has been added at the bottom of the 2nd gate ramp and a few interiors have been worked on. There hasn’t been much progress since Tobberz and I have been hard at work on Helm’s Deep on Empire War.”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Éoford (Westfold Village) | !Complete!
“The Westfold Village has been finished! We’ve also finally decided on a name for it - Éoford, which follows Tolkien’s naming conventions. In the past two weeks some more atmosphere was added, as well as a lot more surrounding terrain. We are just waiting for a cinematic from @LimeeFox before we release the download.”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Archet | In Progress
“Unfortunately I’ve been quite busy over the past few weeks, so we’ve made no progress here.”
- Kicker19, Project Leader

Helm’s Deep | In Progress
"Lots of progress has been made since the last Newsletter. Helm’s Deep is officially on Empire War now, although it is waiting for a few things to be coded, such as the wall explosion. We have also been working on editing a copy of this new Helm’s so that it can be released for download as an EQ map. To do this we’ve been making some minor edits, as well as removing flags and spawns, etc.
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Barad-Dur | In Progress
“The interior of the first floor has had the prison cells constructed by Stavrdaf. Alongside this we have also continued to work on both the terrain and the walls on the exterior.”
- thebeserker, Project Manager

Developments in Brief

Unfortunately my aim to release a quick mini-update to Tirith has been thwarted by the fact we are perfectionists, and find it very hard to even update an old map without major renovations, but hopefully we’ll get onto that in the next two weeks. Our Instagram profile has finally seen some life, and I intend to keep that updated for the forseeable future.

We have created a standalone Donations page within the EpicQuestz website, which explains our donation system and ranks in detail, and from there you can navigate to the buycraft page.

We’re on the brink of releasing an update for PvP Dale, and this might result in an update for the main Dale map itself, as well as perhaps a ruined version. As well as this, (as aforementioned) LimeeFox is working on a cinematic for Westfold. After that, once we’ve completed Helm’s Deep, there’ll be a cinematic along with that release too.

Promotions & Rank Updates

There have been no promotions to member ranks since the last Newsletter. :frowning: Although, thanks a lot to @Stavrdaf for donating for the Diamond rank, that has helped us out a lot!

Featured Creation

Minas Tirith houses by @the_pharaohs_cat


Whilst it may seem that not as much has happened as usual since the last Newsletter, in fact the past two weeks have been very successful. We’ve completed Éoford, as well as the Helm’s Deep version for EpicQuestz. As such, in the next few months I expect we’ll release three maps for download! Éoford, Helm’s Deep, and an update to Dale PvP.

We now have enough donations in reserve to last a few months, meaning our donation drive has been an immense success, and I can sleep easy at night! Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I am very happy that Westfold is complete and that we can finally work on other projects. Also I am glad to donate, it certainly is worth it.


Give @the_pharaohs_cat a break.