The EpicQuestz Newsletter #3 (14/04/19)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue 3 - 14 April 2019

Welcome to the the third issue of the EpicQuestz Newsletter, this week right on time! You’ll notice this week we have fancy shader screenshots courtesy of @fox, as well as a few other changes. I’ll settle on an exact format some day, trust me! A lot has happened in the past two weeks, especially in the past few days, so let’s get into it!

Project Progress

Minas Tirith (Update) | In Progress
“Builders have removed a lot of the unsuitable houses. Houses were pasted in from Lockrules’ Minas Tirith (see Middle-Earth world) and updated slightly. Ambiance was added to some sections, such as market stalls, flowers and vines.”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Minas Tirith (Rebuild) | In Progress
“We have redone and completed the second gate, and I have added some houses around there. The ramp to the second gate has also been done (as yet without houses). We have also completed a lot of interior work on the upper levels of the houses of healing, as well as a garden courtyard slightly behind them.”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Westfold Village | In Progress
“Over the past days, we have completed the finishing touches to all the house exteriors, as well as completed the burial mounds. Work has now started on the interiors, with some already being finished.”
- Tobberz, Project Overseer

Archet | In Progress
“I am currently working out the tree issues from last week which is taking longer than expected. A town hall/main building has been worked out and the palette has undergone some changes. A few tweaks to the layout of the village itself have been nearly completed, so the next thing is to complete a full layout of the town. Although Archet has not seen a massive amount of physical changes, I have made much more progress in the planning more so than the physical areas.”
- Kicker19, Project Leader

Helm’s Deep | In Progress
“Unfortunately no progress has been made over the past two weeks. As this version is for Empire War we are waiting on sjoerdtim (Owner of EW) to give his final advice and guidance on the map. As I mentioned last week, after this is complete, we will work on transforming the map into the new official EpicQuestz Helm’s Deep.”
- Tobberz, Project Overseer

Barad-Dur | In Progress
“We updated the terrain and began working on the first floor.”
- thebeserker, Project Manager

Developments in Brief

We have begun to consider some changes to our already limited Resource Pack, including removing the Erebor Bricks and putting them in a separate pack This would allow builders to re-utilize the red bricks present in default, and also mean that those using or not using the pack would stop having wildly different aesthetic experiences when using bricks in their own builds.

In-game, the Minas Tirith built by Lockrules in the Middle-Earth world has been returned to its rightful place. Whilst development of the Middle-Earth world itself is not a priority right now (with us focussing on individual projects), we do still have a long term plan to update it, and intend to keep it in a decent state as a temporary archive for exploration.

Donation Drive

I cannot stress how important donations are to the future of the server. The Minecraft server, our file storage, website and forums all together cost a mere 20 Euros a month, however we simply cannot pay this without community help. Until now, this has been paid in its entirety every month by me (Tobberz), with the exception of a donation from @_Kicker19, for which I am immensely grateful. I cannot continue to do this, despite my love for the server.

The next best thing I can do is ask you, the community, as graciously as I can, for assitance. There is no obligation to donate at all, but I encourage those who can to do so. We cannot survive without you.

In the coming days I’ll work on a donation page on the main website, but in the mean time you can head over to to see the small perks we offer in return (other than the big perk of having a server).

Promotions & Rank Updates

There have been no promotions to member ranks since the last Newsletter.

Featured Creation

_Three alpine chalets by @fox _


I am immensely proud of how EpicQuestz has come along over the past few weeks. In the future, I hope to keep our social media better updated, by posting update letters to Twitter, Instagram and PMC.

Hopefully we can get the new Helm’s Deep handed over to Empire War soon enough, as well as update the Minas Tirith download. We also hope to update the current Dale PvP download with an updated version from Empire War.

In the mean time, I encourage all Members to continue as well as you have done already, and non-Members to come on and look around. :wink:


Very nice, I can’t wait for the next Progress letter.