The EpicQuestz Newsletter #2 (01/04/19)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue 2 - 1 April 2019

Welcome to the second EpicQuestz Newsletter! Apologies for the one-day delay, it took a little longer than expected to get all the reports in, and I didn’t have much time on Sunday. As you can tell I’m still experimenting around a little with the format, so it can be as clear as possible.

Project Progress

Thorin’s Halls | On Hold
“Despite little progress for the past 2 weeks, the miniature of the map has been updated, though not finished. The project is however put on an indefinite hold, and will remain so until further notice.”
- LimeeFox, Project Leader

Minas Tirith (Update) | In Progress
“We are working on an update for the current download version of Minas Tirith, as a stop-gap measure until the longer-term revamp is complete. This is based off the far more up-to-date version of Tirith from Empire War. We are making alterations on EpicQuestz to make this suitable for download. It should be considered a minor update to the current download, which is needed because of the extreme outdated quality of that version.”
- Tobberz, Project Overseer

Minas Tirith (Rebuild) | In Progress
“I have built a new Second Gate [see Featured Creation], which will be textured soon. A few new houses have also been built behind the Fourth Gate.”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Westfold Village | In Progress
“Since the last update letter, all the houses have been finished, and we have made some progress on the dirt paths. All that remains is finishing off the burial mounds, as well as expanding the surrounding terrain.”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Archet | In Progress
“The trees need some fixing which will happen in due time but the progress is currently on making the town itself. Some work will be done on creating a more effective design for the buildings. A layout of major/important buildings is in the works and then we will start to actually make the buildings. Next on the list is inviting builders to make some basic residential houses which will happen after the layout is completed.”
- Kicker19, Project Leader

Helm’s Deep | In Progress
“Progress has been made on the Glittering Caves, but as this version is for Empire War we are waiting on sjoerdtim (Owner of EW) to give his final advice and guidance on the map. After this is complete, we will work on transforming the map into the new official EpicQuestz Helm’s Deep.”
- Tobberz, Project Overseer

Barad-Dur | In Progress
“We have cleared out the interior, finished the gate design, connected the levels and created the two outer towers.”
- thebeserker, Project Manager

Developments in Brief

Unfortunately, Tobberz has been slow in transferring the non-Middle-Earth map download links to the new website, as this simply has not been a priority. Due to the surprising number of download requests for our old Imperial City map, hopefully this will be done soon.

Two new guides which relate to project management have been added to the guides section. You needn’t read these except out of personal interest, but they will come in useful for confused team members and project managers.

The work on a separate Moderation rank has been effectively completed. This has been in the works for some months now, and it will allow us to give trusted members moderation-related permissions. We have not yet decided how this will be displayed in-game.

Promotions & Rank Updates

There have been no rank changes in the past two weeks :frowning:

Featured Creation

Despite a fair amount happening in the past two weeks, no specific remarkable structures have been built. Nevertheless, I have chosen one from the Minas Tirith rebuild.

Minas Tirith Second Gate (untextured), by the_pharaohs_cat


Everything is coming along well, and hopefully in the next two weeks we should have a) handed over the new Helm’s Deep map to Empire War and b) update the Minas Tirith download.

The new website and forums continue to run smoothly through their second month of operation, however I intend to work on search-engine optimisation so that the new website starts showing up in searches (which it is failing to do so far!).

Finally, I would really encourage anyone who has the means to donate to our server. You can check out the perks on our donation site, but really the perks aren’t the point. The point is that without donations, EpicQuestz simply cannot survive, and without hard cash we cannot continue to enjoy this brilliant server and community.


Great letters, I am really enjoying them so far.

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Better stop enjoying and start building eh? :grin:

Don’t be pushy everything has its time.

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Tobberz is fine I’m just training sla… I mean builders.

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Great work as always!

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