The EpicQuestz Newsletter #12 (04/08/19)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue 05 - 18 August 2019

Editor’s Note
Happy sunday! Have you been enjoying your vacation at your computer, or traveling around the world? If you aren’t happy with how you spent your summer so far, you still have just enough time to do something! For example, we worked hardly on Grimslade, while still having enough time for ourselves in real life!
- Editor, @fox
Project Progress

Dale | /warp dale | Paused
[Leader: @the_pharaohs_cat]
Progress has stopped almost to a stand-still. Most of the focus of the build team has shifted to Rohan, and as such barely anything has been done.
- Project Leader, @the_pharaohs_cat

Barad-Dur | /warp baraddur | Almost complete
[Manager: @thebeserker]
Barad Dur is done, barring the terrain, craftking is just cleaning it up a bit. We are looking forward to continue on from Barad Dur with our next project!
- Project Manager, @thebeserker

Grimslade | In Progress
[Leader: @fox]
The map has gone from a rough 5% completion to a stable 60-70% in just 2 weeks! All of the walls in Grimslade are complete, as well as every house behind them. Beyond the walls, we built a couple of stables and are working on a farm, to the east of the town. Every house has a custom unique interior behind the walls. However we are still working on those beyond the walls. Special shoutout to BorinSwordbane for building half of the houses on Grimslade!
- Project Leader, @fox (LimeeFox)

Minas Tirith | In Progress
[Leader: @the_pharaohs_cat]
For these past two weeks, not much has happened on Minas Tirith, except for at the Main Gate, where the interior has been worked on, but is still incomplete due to lighting bugs.

- Project Leader, @the_pharaohs_cat

Rohan Terrain | In Progress
[Leader: @Enoshade]
I’ve completed saving the rock schematics made by our builders several weeks ago, and have commenced work on importing them into the map. I’ve kept working on my tree variations, and LimeeFox has made a library of all the good trees we’ve got from previous project. Before the map can be finished, I still need to work out several key areas, add all the custom layers (trees, rocks, rivers and roads) and texture the entire terrain.- Terrain Leader, @Enoshade

Other Developments

As mentioned in the Barad Dur part, some terraformers started working on the new terrain for the new project…
Technical Corner

All permissions related to /mail have been added to every rank. Color codes permissions for Donators have been fixed. The /rules have been changed, be sure to read them!
The Creators have reworked the warp system: All locations that include a space in their name (i.e: Minas Tirith) are typed with underscore (Minas_Tirith). They also can have a - version, for prefixes and suffixes (/warp ME-Minas_Tirith) or (/warp Minas_Tirith_Assets).
There were no promotions for the past 2 weeks.

Featured Creation
This time, I decided to feature stavrdaf’s large plot!


BI-WEEKLY QUIZ: Who are the children of Elrond? COMMENT DOWN BELOW! Answer is revealed in the next newsletter!
Answer to the previous quiz: HELLO EVERYBODY, New and old!

So the first thing I’d like to say, is that I decided to do only LOTR quizzes, though maybe my boss will forbid me from doing quizzes at all…
We are working hard on Grimslade and are preparing for the next project that follows Barad Dur!

Savisla… tarr has enjoyed building walls like Trump and working together with the team on Grimslade! Great newsletter once again!

Children of Elrond? Well, there’s Arwen - and from what I know, that’s it. Elves aren’t the most raunchy fellows.

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*Flexing my literary muscles

Elledan (possible spelling error), Elrohir and then Arwen
(Maaaaaybe Aragorn/Estel when you consider that Elrond adopted him)
: )


I’m new, but I really want to thank you guys for everything you’ve done. These maps are breathtaking, and rekindled my deep, but somewhat lost interests in both Lord of the Rings. I cannot expressed how stirred I am by everything you’ve created, and I hope you continue to build them.


No, You are breathtaking!!

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Thanks. It’s always a pleasure to see others taking pleasure from our creations, and of course from the creations of Tolkien and Jackson themselves. You can be sure we’ll do our best to keep on building as we have done for the past 8 years.

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