The EpicQuestz Newsletter #1 (17/03/19)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue 1 - 17 March 2019


Welcome to our first new-format EpicQuestz Newsletter! This is the first in a new era of newsletters on our new forums. Henceforward, the Newsletters will be released every other week, and in the future we may even include update videos to go along with them!

Project Progress

Thorin’s Halls | In Progress
“We started building the Forges situated on the opposite side of the underground lake from the Mines. We are gradually building the gold panning area and the work on the Old Mines has recently begun. The old mines are currently being terraformed, and we will start building mining platforms as soon as this is done. Along with this will come supports and all of the mining gear (but no ores, since the Dwarves would have already mined them).”
- LimeeFox, Project Leader

Minas Tirith | In Progress
“We have restructured most of the walls to be correctly circular. We have added new terrain around the build and redone the exterior of the citadel and many other 5th level buildings. We have also created some assets that can be used for Minas Tirith, such as siege towers, trebuchets, etc, and a full version of a Tower of Ecthelion, as it does not fit in the actual map due to height limit restrictions.”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Westfold Village | In Progress
“We have made 3 houses so far on the terrain that was made for this project. Templates for the shapes of the others one have been made, and are waiting to be completed. We have also come up with a guide house that builders will follow to create their designs (style wise).”
- the_pharaohs_cat, Project Leader

Archet | In Progress
“The terrain has been completely remade from scratch with all new texture designs. Along with the new terrain and textures, the forest has been filled with new trees and rocks and maybe even some Easter Eggs in the future. Production on the town itself has begun and a new wall has been completed, featuring a gate at each side of the town.”
- Kicker19, Project Leader

Helm’s Deep | In Progress
“This Helm’s Deep is completely new and rebuilt from our current download. Although the current version we are building is specifically for Empire War, we will alter it in the future to act as our official download. So far, the exterior terrain is effectively complete, as are the vast majority of the built structures. The Glittering Caves will be built soon, at which point the map will be ready to be handed over to Empire War.”
- Tobberz, Project Overseer

Barad-Dur | In Progress
“We took the proportions from our 7-year-old Barad-Dur and basically stripped it of all it’s unusual features. We then added terrain through the back of the build, and started restructuring the individual little towers and pieces. We’ve come up with an outer wall design. The top of the tower has been reshaped.”
- Gelek, Project Leader

Developments in Brief

All of our downloads have been transferred from Enjin to our private servers, and all of our Middle-Earth maps have now been transferred to the new forums. In the coming days, Tobberz will finish moving over the final Non-Middle-Earth maps, thus completing our transition to the new website.

Embedded videos have been added to all our archive posts on this forum. Furthermore, we have made good progress in updating the Guides section, with @koohikoo and @fox moving their guides from the old site over. Thank you also to @Dr_olex for starting work on some Basic Worldedit guides.

Our first weeks as a public (non-whitelisted) server have gone well, and we have noticed an increase in activity in general.

Promotions & Rank Updates

Congratulations to @thebeserker for being re-promoted to Manager after his absence. As this rank is effectively new for many of our players, Tobberz will be updating the Rank Info section on the main website, as well as making posts regarding the rank in general, and the role it will play in projects.

Also, congratulations Umami on his promotion to Builder!

Featured Creation

Gelek’s new spawn for EpicQuestz


This is a fairly titanic Newsletter, but there’s a lot to catch up on! If you can’t wait the two weeks for our next update, remember you can still read our old newsletters here.

In the coming days I will work on updating rank info with respect to Manager, and giving you more info on this rank. I’ll also add a guide detailing how our projects system works, for builders and leaders alike.

Congratulations to all our Members on working so hard over the previous few weeks! I am sure 2019 will be a brilliant year.


Very nice newsletter, I enjoyed reading it!


It’s a very nice newsletter indeed and I hope everyone keeps working hard to make this year the best it can be!!!