Rohirric Hedgerow Guide

Hello again! This guide concerns the hedgerow borders of the fortified farm (Eoham) in Aldburg. As you may know, there is a large amount of ‘hedging’ to be done, and as such the hedges have been split into two groups: gold and diamond, with a job for each group.

The following are steps that you must use in order to create the desired style of hedge. :slight_smile:

  1. Using light gray concrete, widen the hedge line inwards by one block so that the entire stone border is two blocks wide. When completing this step, ensure that the stone border is one block taller than ground outside of the farm, this may mean that the inner and outer layers of concrete are at different elevations, however when in doubt use your own common sense.

  2. Use the command //replace light_gray_concrete cobblestone,mossy_cobblestone,dead_brain_coral_block to texture the stone base of the hedgerow.

  3. Create two layers of green wool on top of the stone base.

  4. Use the command //replace green 40%acacia_leaves,40%oak_leaves,20%air to texture the hedge itself.

  5. Use your common sense to identify areas in the hedge that are too uniform and replace a few of the appropriate leaf blocks with air. You may also need to use your judgement to determine areas with too much air, and fill in some of the appropriate areas.

  6. Use //setbiome plains on all of (and only) the blocks that make up the hedge. It is fine if you are one or two blocks off with your selection.

  7. Using your best judgement, places cobblestone slabs at various points along the stone base (both on the ground in front of it and on top of the stone base amongst the leaves. When doing so, try to keep the slabs in small groups to avoid a ‘spammy’ or overly messy style.

  8. Using your best judgment, place grass at various points along the top of the hedge (tip: use a placeholder block and replace it with grass afterwards). When doing so, try to keep the grass in small groups or clumps to avoid a ‘spammy’ or overly messy style.

Congratulations, your hedge is now done - behold its majesty! Don’t forget to do the inner side of the hedgerow as well.

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