Rohan - Overview

A collection of projects based in Rohan, all built within the same contiguous world. We have the end-goal of releasing the whole kingdom for download, a feat which will effectively be the first of its kind.

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Rohan Overseer: @Tobberz
Lead Designer: @the_pharaohs_cat
Lead Manager: @LimeeFox
Resource Pack: EQPack Compulsory

@Enoshade is working on the terrain of Rohan in Worldmachine and Worldpainter, and this should be ready in the coming weeks/months, once assets have been made. If we reach the stage where we need a location before the terrain is done, Enoshade will export just the region we need. We will then embark on the plan outlined below. There’s no real deadlines or time-limit for this, but expect it to be a long-term project. This project will be based on the eve of the War of the Ring.

At a later stage these will be arranged into their relevant regions, once we have fleshed out which locations will be built (e.g: West-march, Westemnet, Folde, Eastemnet). For now they are categorised as Primary & Secondary.

[] Helm’s Deep: ReleaseDownloadHelms_Deep
[] Aldburg: Aldburg-assets
[] Edoras
[] Isengard
[] Dunharrow

–[] Éoford (Unfortified Village): ReleaseDownloadEoford
–[] Grimslade (Fortified Town): ThreadGrimslade, Grimslade-assets, Grimslade-assets2



Preliminary Roadmap (July 19)

  1. Release Helm’s Deep and Éoford on PMC (including cinematic, etc)
    a. Éoford has been released, we’re just waiting on Helm’s Deep now.
  2. Once the terrain is finished, embark on three principle projects - two Secondary, one Primary:
    a. Integrate the new Helm’s Deep into the new Rohan terrain.
    b. Integrate Éoford into the new Rohan terrain.
    c. Start work on Grimslade.
  3. Create a Rohan page on PMC with a roadmap, and links to already done projects. Also update the main Middle-Earth page at this time.
  4. Embark on building the remaining locations above, as well as numerous other minor settlements and between-settlement filler. Whilst Edoras will be completely remade, I foresee that we’ll re-use much of Orthanc from previous versions of Isengard.
  5. Indivudual locations, once completed, may be released for download individually (extracted from the main map and put in another world, classic EQ style), but the principle aim is to eventually release the entire, contiguous map for download.

Edited thread to bring up to date, added clarifcations & links.