Planning: Rohan (2019)

A collection of projects based in Rohan, with the end-goal of a contiguous kingdom.

[In Progress] Helm’s Deep
[Needs Redoing] Edoras
[Needs Redoing] Isengard
[Not Started] Aldburg
[Not Started] Dunharrow
[In Progress] Other Villages / Towns
[Complete] Éoford (Village)


The Plan

  1. Release Helm’s Deep and Éoford on PMC (including cinematic, etc)
  2. Create a Rohan page on PMC with a roadmap, and links to already done projects. Also update the main Middle-Earth page at this time.
  3. Begin work on a fully contiguous and terrained region of Rohan as outlined in the map above. Helm’s will need some terrain editing to fit into the White Mountains.
  4. Isengard should be remade from scratch, excluding the tower of Orthanc, principally due to the terrain. The terrain should be started inside this new Rohan world, rather than alone.
  5. As Isengard is a terrain-heavy project, as well as nature-heavy, we should also start a city project at this time. I’d recommend Edoras.
  6. In the far future, once the Kingdom is complete, it’ll be released for download. And it’ll be absolutely epic, and the first of its kind.

Update the map with Grimslade & Enoshade’s outline?

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