New Year wishes

Happy New Year everyone!

We are saying goodbye to our good 2019 and the 2010s (even though the decade really ends in 2021), and welcoming the new year, 2020!

This thread is dedicated for wishes and memories, that I invite you to share here! Here is the recommended reply format:

  1. Your greatest memories from 2019 (give lots of details!)

  2. An emotional text about all of your experience on EQ, throughout these 8 years

  3. Wishes for 2020! (be it wishes for the team and individual ones, for real lives)

  1. Getting money
  2. It felt great being promoted
  3. Getting more money and more promotions
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Well, I haven’t been here for all that long, but have already have had a ton of great memories. I suppose EQK was a really fun thing to work on, along with the Moria project. Also that short period when Axe pioneered the huge Chess craze throughout the server was a fun thing also, despite me pretty much losing every game I played and so just acting in the role of King / Queen for Marcel. (I’ve definitely missed many things out) Anyhoo, I’m v. excited for what the 2020s has to offer- the Epic Question Survival Corps has some potential for me.

I can’t really say thanks for a great decade, seeing as I’m a relatively new player, but I can definitely say thanks for a wonderful 8 or so months : D


My greatest EpicQuestz memories from 2019 were the days when we published Edhellond, the days we spent building our largeplot from the hills of Evendim and finally, how we started Grimslade! I met alot of new people on EpicQuestz in just 2019, which was quite unexpected by me! The great majority of them newbies are still active and occasionally chilling on the server, and it is honestly very heartwarming to spectate this and to be part of it, as a member who has been part of this for 5 years.

It is crazy, every time I think about it. Half a decade, already. EpicQuestz means a lot to me, and regardless all the challenges I’ve had to be through, I am still here. I just want to thank everyone who helped make EpicQuestz a good place, because I am enjoying this place only because of the effort of every contributor. I won’t go any more into details for this post, perhaps I will in a while when I’ll be leaving this heaven for some reason, but I have totally no intention to leave!

I just wish for everyone to have a great year of 2020, to improve all their skills and learn new ones, to meet new friends and forget the rivals, and for the team, I wish the most prosperous year amongst the 8 preceding ones. Happy new year!


The best parts of 2019 was when I was experimenting and learning new things. Building an extensive system for the Glittering Caves and making a rendered cinematic for Helm’s Deep; trying out various new terraforming techniques on Eoford, Rohan and Barad dur; participating in a 24 hour BR contest with LimeeFox.
I haven’t been on EQ for nearly as long as most of the active people, and in fact probably just under 2 years now. But in the time I have been here, I’ve learned a lot in terms of building, and this has been the more enjoyable of the 3 build teams I’ve been a part of (though, the other ones have more nostalgic value). It’s also been a pleasure to talk to all the people in the community, both on EW and on EQ - discussing communism, art and various other matters of a more dubious nature. I’ve also grown and matured in my time here, and as an old man will look back at this time as a part of my formative years. It’s also been awesome to see the various clever building techniques team members have discovered, that I would never have thought of myself. Sharing some of my own trade secrets has been quite enjoyable as well, though it’s doubtful whether anyone listens due to the exorbitant amount of recursive brackets in my commands.
I hope we can keep going for a long time, and eventually finish Rohan. I do wonder if we will ever move away from building LotR maps; it would certainly be an interesting time. Whether you agree with the ancient Chinese curse of ‘may you live in interesting times’ or not, I do hope that everyone finds something motivating and fulfilling to do this year. Also, I dare you to beat my record of 66 push-ups in one go.

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Well, it’s been a strange year. I can’t believe i started becoming active again only this time last year, It’s gone so quickly :smiley:

Obviously returning to my builder role was a proud moment for me, as well a nostalgic one. I first joined EW and EQ back in 2014, and it’s safe to say it’s been enjoyable at the very least, as well as a large part of my life as i was growing up really. I think EW was the very first server i ever joined that wasn’t massive (So excluding mineplex and hypixel etc), and i applied for whitelist in EQ a few months later.

I was semi active on EQ for several years helping here and there, but in 2018 i had mostly stopped playing minecraft, but then 2019 february, i returned to EQ in a blaze of glory. It was a pleasure returning to friendly faces, as well as some new ones!

So id like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, old and new, for making the past half-decade so enjoyable. Wether than be my new friends i made - Marcel, Louis, Hargo, and the newbies - or the people I have know for a long time, but have grown closer to - Kitty, LemonFocc, Borin - ot even the people i have known for year and years, since the first time i joined Epic Quest - Tobonob, Bes, Steal.

Thank you all for such an amazing experience. I look forward to another wonderful year ahead :blush:

Onto memories!!
CHESS CONQUEST! definitely a highlight, i remember the one time we had 12 people on all spectating two games at a time xD

DALE!! Despite being paused indefinitely, Dale was the first project i officially worked on, the very same day i got builder, it was slightly sad to see it go, but I moved on to so much more, Grimslade was probably my favourite of the year, but I enjoyed what work i did on the rest as well.

Finally, my wishes for the future.
I wish at some point to obtain the rank of artist, but those that know me, know that completing a plot of good enough quality and not losing motivation is difficult for me xD
One day, i will do it. This is am sure of!
I also wish that we will complete many more projects, i have high hopes for the future and i hope you will all join me to create them :slight_smile: <3