Mountain Types


Hey everyone! So I’ve seen many people saying that mountains are all the same or very similar to each-other. To show you how different mountains can be, I made this thread for you to see and compare pictures of terrain. I will also describe them.

Above is a picture of Rocky slopes (on a mountain and are actually part of it). It consists of rocks that were cleaned by water giving them this smooth feeling. We can see many sort of holes on the edges of pretty much all the rocks, and that was dug out by water (rain and snow). There are also Alot of holes between them, clefts. They are sharp angled and connect to the ground without any “melt” into it.

This mountain is a cliffy type of mountain, however the cliffs are of obtuse angle majorly. Alot of little stones and rocks are lying the way down the slope like an avalanche, which is literally broken cliff. These can be reporduced in Minecraft by making a very noisy layer of stones of different types (to differantiate the rocks), most commonly forming a triangle like on this image. There is poor vegetation on such mountains, however there is a valuable amount of moss. Such stone is also often easy enough to break (like pull out a little stone). I made a link for more pictures of such rock type:

These are called folded mountains, mountains with layers of rock. This isn’t a rare type of mountain at all. These might be hard to reporduce in Minecraft, however it still is possible: either Pain the rocks in such a way to give it layers (use different blocks/textures) or dig out a line between each layer (1 block deep). There aren’t many specialities, I can only say that in real life, you sometimes can simply pull out a little plate from a layer:slight_smile:Here are more images of this type of mountain:

Such types of mountains are called Dome mountains. They are immensely smooth and most commonly round on the top. They sometimes have cliffs, sometimes not. There are dome mountains that are steep, and some dome mountains aren’t. They are usually clean (without vegetation however trees and some bushes still grow on them. Another fact about those mountains, is that they clearly stand out in the landscape and are good attention attrackers. To correctly reproduce it, there is not only need to use alot of smooth/blend ball commands, but also lift some places of the mountain (I put red circles featuring what I exactly mean by lifting in the following link).

That is pretty much it, I am not a proffessional geologist nor is it my hobby. I am just curious about such stuff and seen many with my own eyes. I hope this article was helpful for you, young terraformers and I hope this will add experience to you! See you in the next post, someday I’ll write something up about hills and plains!


Very nice, this gives me some great ideas!

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