Middle-Earth (2011-2019)

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Here you can find all our Middle Earth builds from the past eight years. We have some complete regions to download, along with numerous specific locations. Our older builds lack in quality compared to our current standards, but we keep them availible for posterity’s sake, and so the community can continue to explore.

New Maps

Isengard (2016) - [Download]

Helm’s Deep (2019) - [Download]

Edhellond (2019) - [Download]

Eoford (2019) - [Download]

Middle-Earth Regions

Rhovanion (2015) - [Download]
Includes: Erebor, Dale, Laketown, Ravenhill.
[Trailer 2015]

Mordor (2012) - [Download]
Includes: Minas Morgul, Barad-Dur.
[Trailer 2012]

PvP Maps

Erebor PvP (2017)
Adapted from earlier map.

All Other Maps


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