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Interior Structure Tips

Hello, ladies and gentlemen of EpicQuestz. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you of a few key things to remember when doing the various interior structure jobs located on Bree.

Keep in mind, this is not a complaint at all, the structures completed so far have been a very high standard, and I’m happy with how they have come out. This is just for reference to anyone who isn’t 100% confidant with interior structures, and needs some help getting started.

First, here’s a video to run through some of the points I’m about to cover here, over on our YouTube channel:

Tip #1:
Add a main entrance and some windows first. These can help distinguish the inside walls before you have started, meaning you aren’t as lost for where to place them later on.

Tip #2:
Remember to add chimneys. Middle Earth was somewhat lacking in the realm of central heating, so every house needs a chimney out of the roof to match their cozy fireplaces.

Tip #3:
There might not be heating but there is still gravity. Plan out the bottom floor of the structure first, and then make sure the walls on the floors above line up to them, so the house isn’t viable to collapse due to lack of support at any given moment.

Tip #4:
Try adding some dormer windows to the roofs of your houses once you’ve distinguished which rooms are bedrooms, so that our lovely residents can have some well needed natural light in their living quarters.
(For those of you who don’t know what these are, I’ll include a picture of some already built on Bree for reference)

Tip #5:
Almost all the houses that have been planned (so far) have specific professions and jobs labelled to them. Ensure your structure includes a store front and a workshop if necessary to that profession.

Tip #6:
This is pretty standard for any project work, but just make sure to think about it logically. Does this layout make sense? Can you imagine walking around this house in real life? Does it have a logical reason for a certain room to be connected to another, i.e. kitchen → dining area? Make sure your structure is realistic and logical, and all should be fine.

And that’s all I wanted to remind you about! If you have any more queries, be sure to ask someone for help or suggestions, as I’m sure anyone would be willing to lend a helping hand.


Why do I feel targeted by this post? Dog are you trying to tell me something?

Mr Pixal your interior structures are a true blessing to the EpicQuestz team, this was not targeted at you at all. I’m simply trying to encourage some other members to do some interior structures, since like 3 people seem to do all of them on any project, and i’m trying to broaden that number

Here’s a supplementary video to help out on some points: