How Projects Work (Intro & Management)


How Projects Work: Introduction & Project Management

Project Tiers

  • Primary, or Tier 1 Projects are those large, long-term projects, which we intend to complete to the highest detail with the highest effort. Examples of these are Edhellond, Minas Tirith, and Thorin’s Halls. They are led by Designers, with oversight from the Creators.

  • Secondary, or Tier 2 Projects are smaller, and will typically consist of small towns, villages, or forts. Ideally they can be completed fairly fast and to a high standard. Tier 2 Projects can be led by Artists and above. They will generally be chosen by the build team as a whole, via a poll posted in the discord #project-board.**

  • Personal Projects are unofficial projects. Anyone can work on a personal project on EQ (they are personal, after all), but only Designers and above can claim project plots. If the Creators see enough potential in a personal project, they may allow it to become an official project. Often, Personal Projects are upgraded in this way.

Project Leadership
See the Ranks & Roles post for more info.

  • Primary Projects must be led by a Designer (or a Creator, in some instances). The Project Leader may assign a Project Deputy to help out if they wish. This Deputy should be an Artist or higher. The role of Creators is to oversee the projects, though they may also play an active role if they wish.

  • Secondary Projects may be led by an Artist or above. They too may assign a Project Deputy of any Member rank to help out. These can be a good gateway for Artists to prove their skills.

Starting a Project

Any member or non-member is free to suggest a project to a Staff member. However, all official projects must be signed off by a Creator. Also, if a non-Designer wants to start a Primary Project, they must find a willing Designer to run it (as well as getting Creator approval!).

Secondary Projects may often be decided by a poll on Discord, although it isn’t absolutely necessary.