Helm's Deep (2013)

Helm's Deep (2013)

See Planet Minecraft post for more info on this map.
_Post on old site: https://goo.gl/KQveBW_
Discord: EpicQuestz

Trailer (2014):


  • #1 (05/14): “Terrain updated with a more realistic look, road added, sidekeep added, more detail changes, gates improved, new shader screenshots, smoother border with the normal world.”
  • #2 (08/14): “Completely redone Keep, new fancy trailer and added the Glittering Caves. As well as making the river come out of a sink instead of from a waterfall.”
  • #3 (06/18): “Transferred world to 1.9+, added a credits board.”

THIS IS OUR OLD MAP. The Download link will now take you to our new map. If you really want to download our old map, here is a link: [Download]

Do not re-host this file anywhere else. Full credit must be given if you use this map in any way by linking to www.epicquestz.com or our Planet Minecraft page.

[New Map Download]
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