Discord & Forum Usage

This post regards the use of Discord & the Forums for Project Management.

I’ve effectively completed the process of rationalising Discord channels. We’ve moved away from the idea of having a separate channel for each project, and towards having a Rohan Project section & a general Project section.

The Projects and Rohan categories now simply have a general channel:

#project-general & #rohan-general

And a leadership channel

#project-leadership (Artist+) & #rohan-leadership (Rohan Leadership)

Further to this, there is a #project-notices channel which a) forwards all Project Forum posts to Discord and b) acts as a way for Project/Server Leadership to make project-related announcements.

The only case in which project-specific channels will remain is for project planning (for instance, #aldburg-planning, #rohan-terrain). These are public but can only be used by players with Leadership roles, or who have asked to be a part of the project planning stage.

Why? Well, frankly using individual Discord channels for large-scale project management and planning is horrendously inefficient. Henceforward, all Primary Middle-Earth Projects will have a forum thread in which announcements regarding that project can be made (i.e: progress, instructions, questions), which will of course in turn be forwarded to #project-notices.

This simply adds a better way of archiving, categorizing and organizing which makes project management easier for everyone. Further, with the splitting of Rohan & non-Rohan projects, really only one general channel for each is necessary from what we’ve seen of usage.

Tomorrow I’ll release an update in place of the Newsletter regarding the near-future and far-future of EQ, and it’s direction in terms of Middle-Earth projects.
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