Build-Off #2 (01/02/2020)

EQ Build-Off #2 - Barrow-Downs

Note: Ask in this forum thread, on discord or in-game while a staff member is online to add you to a competition plot at /warp BuildComp. The competition starts tomorrow!

Theme: Barrow-downs (

Recommended Resourcepack: EQPack 3.0

Time: 7 days, or Saturday 1st February 2020 - Wednesday 8th February 2020

Contestants will be judged based on the following three aspects:

  1. Originality Category (How unique is your build from the others entered in the competition?)
    Keep in mind that while it’s fine to put a special twist on your build, it shouldn’t stray too far from the source material present in Tolkien’s book. Graded on a 1-10 scale
  2. Artistic Category (How pleasing is the overall result?)
    This category focuses on things like composition, consistent detailing, block choice and the atmosphere of the plot. You may focus on terrain, structure or organics as you see fit. This is where most of your score will come from! Graded on a 1-15 scale
  3. Reference Category (How closely do you match Tolkien’s descriptions?)
    While some might disagree, as the organizer of this contest I am putting this as the lowest-impact category, since I want builders to go out of their comfort zones and experiment as much as possible. Graded on a 1-5 scale
Judge Panel



Credit for Images

1st: Barrow-downs by
2nd: The Well of the Unicorn Cover Illustration, by Rafael Palacios
3rd: Barrow-Wight by John Howe (
4th: Barrow-downs by

Abridged Quotes from Fog on the Barrow-Downs, The Fellowship of the Ring

About mid-day they came to a hill whose top was wide and flattened, like a shallow saucer with a green mounded rim. Inside there was no air stirring, and the sky seemed near their heads.

Eastward the hills were higher and looked down upon them; and all those hills were crowned with green mounds, and on some were standing stones, pointing upwards like jagged teeth out of green gums.

They went down into the hollow circle. In the midst of it there stood a single stone, standing tall under the sun above, and at this hour casting no shadow. It was shapeless and yet significant: like a landmark, or a guarding finger, or more like a warning.

The fog rolled up to the walls and rose above them, and as it mounted it bent over their heads until it became a roof: they were shut in a hall of mist whose central pillar was the standing stone.

The dark patches grew darker, but they shrank; and suddenly he saw, towering ominous before him and leaning slightly towards one another like the pillars of a headless door, two huge standing stones. He could not remember having seen any sign of these in the valley, when he looked out from the hill in the morning. He had passed between them almost before he was aware: and even as he did so darkness seemed to fall round him.

There in the cold glow he saw lying beside him Sam, Pippin, and Merry. They were on their backs, and their faces looked deathly pale; and they were clad in white. About them lay many treasures, of gold maybe, though in that light they looked cold and unlovely. On their heads were circlets, gold chains were about their waists, and on their fingers were many rings. Swords lay by their sides, and shields were at their feet. But across their three necks lay one long naked sword.


The results are in! And the winner is…

@dog_lover11! Congratulations, to him and to @raarmaarwaar, the close runner up.


Here are @raarmaarwaar, @Savitar and @Stavrdaf’s entries:

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition; we’ll try to learn from this one to make any following ones better.


Well done druglover, and all who participated :slight_smile:


A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.
Well done to everyone else involved, and a big thank you to enoshade for running the thing :slight_smile:

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when will the next build-off be?! #excited!


Whenever a staff member can be arsed to do it. Maybe after we start up a few projects and get people active again.

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Unfortunately I couldnt finish the build but I am hella happy i got 69!!!

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