Build-Off #1 (11/16/2019)

Issue 1

Congratulations to raarmaarwaar on winning the first EpicQuestz Build-Off!

For the first time on EpicQuestz, we decided to host a little building competition - a build-off. As mentioned above, this is our first one, and it is likely that we will host more of these!

Build-Off #1 : Tom Bombadil’s home (/warp BuildOff)

The theme for this build-off was “Tom Bombadil’s home”.
We received 4 entries

Participants were given a week to build their interpretation of the given theme, within a 41x41 plot of land. Any building tool was allowed, however there were still a number of restrictions, which are listed below as rules.


  • Players must build alone
  • Only one entry per person is allowed
  • Griefing is strictly forbidden
  • Inappropriate structures are forbidden
  • Staff members or judges are free to enter, but they cannot compete in the event.
  • Any block that exceeds the given region will be removed during the Judgement phase

If an entry doesn’t follow the given theme, or if a participants or their entry doesn’t follow the rules, they are getting disqualified.

Q: Can I build with another builder?
A. No, this build-off is solo.

Q. I’m a Guest, can I participate too?
A. Yes, you can. Ask a staff member to add you to the plot.

Q. Do I have to use EpicQuestz’ resourcepack?
A. No, but if you use one, mention it on a sign. Note that the judge(s) will review it in default.

Finally, the results are available below:

Entry by Enoshade

Entry by Louis_rc

Entry by Lady_Remmi

Thanks for Everyone’s participation!