Basic World-Edit Guide (Part 2: Brushes and Block Mixing)


Welcome back! In this part of the W/E Guide, I am going to teach you how to use brushes and perform simple tasks such as Terraforming, Or making roads in a matter of seconds.

This part will cover:
How to mix various types of blocks into the same command
How to make and use brushes
How to use the Cylinder brush to make roads
How to use the Sphere brush for basic terraforming


Setting mixes of blocks

//set 50%[Block],20%[Block],30%[Block]

To spice things up a bit, and add depth to your builds, You might want mountains, roads and such to consist of a mixture of blocks. This is how to do it. This can be used for pretty much any W/E command where you choose what blocks to use, It will be very important to know when you start using brushes.



What are brushes?

Brushes are another tool that you will use a lot in W/E. Unlike the Wand, Brushes are not specific items
that automaticly work with the plugin. A brush can be any item, but you have to use a command to make it a brush in the first place.

Brushes allow you to simply rightclick with them, to change the blocks you’re pointing at. Similar to a real brush, you can hold/spam rightclick and drag the crosshair over the screen.
Personally, I like using shovels as brushes, so that’s what I will use for the rest of this tutorial

Creating a brush

//br [type] [block] [radius]
First, Get an Item that you want to turn into a brush, Then hold it and use the command i wrote above.
“What type do i choose?” You might ask, Well, there are plenty of different brush types, in this tutorial i will talk about 2 of them. Cylinder (“cyl”) and Sphere.

Cylinder brush

Let’s start by making a Cylinder brush. Here is an example of me creating a brush and making a road at the speed of light.

Sphere brush

Now, Grab another item and make a sphere brush. Spheres can be used for some very basic Terraforming, but i recommend using other plugins for that, such as VoxelSniper.
I am however going to show you some very fast and basic Terraforming using these 2 brushes:
//br sphere stone 4
//br smooth (This brush is used to smooth out weird areas and sharp corners)

Here it is!

Sand Tips

Sand is a very useful block to use, since it falls.

Tip 1: You can use sand to cover your terrain in Grass, Snow or whatever you want. Simply set a layer of sand in the air above your terrain, then break a block. Once the sand has landed, replace the sand with the block you want to cover your terrain in.

Tip 2: When making hills using the sphere brush, Make sand spheres! Why? Well, W/E knows that sand falls, So when you spawn a sand sphere, no blocks will spawn floating in the air, they will auto-fall and leave no weird overhangs. This will save you some time when polishing the terrain afterwards.
Just replace the sand with stone (or whatever) once you are done.


In the 3rd (And last) part of this tutorial, I will teach you a couple of more useful commands that I use somewhat regularly, along with some quality of life mechanics. Peace!

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