Basic World-Edit Guide (Part 1: Introduction)

Hi! Welcome to the first part of my World Edit tutorial. I am planning to make a couple of these, to introduce you to a very useful and easy-to-use plugin that will speed up
your building process.

This first part includes:

  • A basic introduction to W/E (What is World Edit?)
  • How to write W/E commands
  • How to use the wand tool

Part I: Introduction

What is World Edit?

WorldEdit (W/E For short) is a plugin that allows you to modify large amounts of blocks using commands. There are many different tools that are used for similar tasks, such as VoxelSniper. WorldEdit is the (in my opinion) easiest tool to use and is a great one to learn first.

Important to Note

  • W/E Commands are ALWAYS written using // instead of / as you will notice in the coming paragraphs.
  • //Undo will Undo your latest W/E command, It can be very useful if you mess something up while experimenting.
  • //Redo will Undo your latest Undo

Getting Started (//wand)

  • While using W/E, You will need multiple tools. Now I will teach you about the Wand, and a few commands that you can use it for.
  • The Wand is usually a Wooden Axe, but on EpicQuestz that has been changed to a Golden Axe. You can either grab one from your inventory, or type “//wand” in chat.
  • The Wand is used for selecting the area that you are going to modify with your commands. You can select 2 positions by Left & Rightclicking 2 blocks using your Wand.
  • Everything in between these blocks will get modified.


  • //set [block]
  • This is the most basic command there is, It will set the area that you have selected, to what ever block you choose.
  • The most basic way of using this command would be changing the floor of your plot, Simply select 2 opposing corners on your plot and type this command.
  • [Example]


  • //replace [blockA] [blockB]
  • It’s pretty self-explanatory. You choose 1 type of block (blockA) to replace with another (blockB), in the area that you have selected.
  • [Example]

//copy & //paste

  • //copy
  • //paste
  • This is a very useful command when working on bigger projects, Use //copy to copy the selected area and //paste to paste it.
  • Keep in mind that the structure will be copied in relation to where your character is standing/flying. So make sure you stand on the ground, right in front of the structure as you copy it. It will make the pasting a lost easier. You will most likely have to use //undo a lot when getting used to these commands, So be prepared for a lot of messed up pastes.
  • [Example]

In the 2nd part of this guide, I will be teaching you the basic use of brushes, and also teach you how you can set multiple types of blocks in the same command