Amusement Park

So I know this is a bit different than what we usually do but I think its an amazing idea. A Lord of the Rings amusement park has always been talked about being built in the real world, but as of yet there is no progress. I believe we could make this in minecraft, I mean we already have most of the builds we would need. There are plenty of examples of other amusement park servers, such as MCParks and Imagineering Fun, each averaging over a hundred players on at a time. Lord of the Rings is one of the most promising theme park attractions, with so many different possibilities. Even if we didn’t use a rollercoaster mod/plugin alot could be done simply with minecarts and boats. I attached some images of a conversation of different ideas me, lime, and 2head talked about and I think there is alot of promise with some of these. Also feel free to comment any additional ideas you have! Meh = think it should be done, just not by EQ

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I think you are forgetting the main attraction…


I mean, we already have a race track around Edhellond that Lime made, it would be awesome to have loads of other maps with ice-tracks, like Tirith.


As much as exciting it sounds, I do not think EQ is the type of team to do this officially.

But it is encouraged to be built as a private freebuild project.

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