Trial Builder Rank Requests

Read this guide before applying.

If you are a Traveller and would like to begin your Trial Builder test period (1 month in duration), please just reply here with your IGN.

The only requirements for Trial Builder are thus:

  1. Be on the Discord
  2. Be on the Forums
  3. Have the Traveller rank.

At the end of your trial period, submit an album of all the project work you have done to the “Builder Applications” category. You can see the guide regarding this process here.

If you are accepted, you will be promoted from Trial Builder to Builder. If not, you will have the choice between trying for one more month as a Trial Builder, or going back to Traveller. You cannot be a Trial Builder for more than 2 consecutive months.



I need to write at least 20 characters so here are said characters.


#Can I skip the trial period as I have not long left to live

I think I just about have the building skill for builder so please at least give me a shot


You’ve proved your skill, Traveller and Builder are the same rank skill wise. It’s just you get Builder by proving dedication to EQ and projects, which you do in a 2-4 week trial period :slight_smile:


Frick me Elu for Mod. ^^ This is exactly it. Builder is a team rank you achieve for working on projects, rather than a skill-based promotion.

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Offended, cant make good builders work in teams, you’d never get builders like gelek, dani or only if you make them work with peasants

My IGN is Thijspvp3030

Mr_Jelle is me IGN name

koohikoo (#7695 for discord)
same on discord and here on the forms

The following Trial Builders have been reverted to Traveller due to their one-month trial expiring, they are free to re-apply at a later stage.

_ kicker19_

My IGN Is Mr_Jelle and i want to be trial builder and work on osgiliath

Hello it’s me. I am Charlie. aka Kicker19 (my minecraft username). Thank and I appreciate you Tobberz!

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Hargarinn was also promoted 2 days ago.