The EpicQuestz Newsletter #8 (23/06/19)

The EpicQuestz Newsletter
Issue 8 - 23 June 2019

Editor’s Note
Greetings! This is our 8th EpicQuestz Newsletter, and this time, I am your host! Maybe this is my single time, or perhaps many more of these letters will be written by me… Nobody knows! But Tobberz, the usual author of these articles, is enjoying his holiday in Greece, so I volunteered to keep you, dear readers, updated this fortnight! The past two weeks have been quite special: we reached the most players online (17) for a really long while, maybe ever! This time, there is no difference in terms of formatting and aesthetics between the last letter and this one, in exception of custom dividers, made by me!
- Editor, @fox
Project Progress

Dale | /warp dale | In Progress
[Leader: @the_pharaohs_cat]
Since we are still discussing changes in the style of the houses, most progress on Dale has been suspended, although a few more interiors have been done, as well as a bit more decoration on the South-East Island. There is still a lot more left to do, but poor activity on this project will likely stay stagnant until @Tobberz returns from his holiday.
- Project Leader, @the_pharaohs_cat

Helm’s Deep | /warp newhelms | In Progress
[Leader: @the_pharaohs_cat]
Enoshade has finished the exterior terrain of the map, as well as the caves terraforming. We are now adding paths, bridges and decoration into the caves, and we would like to detail the ancient quarry to the left of the Deeping Wall in the coming week. The dirt paths are also being retextured. We are aiming to get this project finished by the next weekend.
- Project Leader, @the_pharaohs_cat

The Glittering Caves terrain is completely finished, and I added mountains over the caves, and reworked the snow on all of the Helms Deep mountains to be a little less “random”.
- Terrain Leader, @Enoshade

Barad-Dur | /warp baraddur | In Progress
[Manager: @thebeserker]
Over the past two weeks, our builders finished the forges and started redoing the armoury. We also resumed the work on prison cells and improved the outer terrain, a bit.
- Project Manager, @thebeserker

Other Developments
The Éoford’s cinematic is now finished and rendered! Our staff team is currently waiting upon @Tobberz’s final word concerning the video, and if everything is alright, we will proceed to publishing the map on Planet Minecraft and sharing the cinematic on our YouTube channel & it’s short teasers on our social Media (such as our Instagram or Twitter).

Since we are approaching Helm’s Deep’s completion, I might be shortly preparing to make another cinematic, this time, for Helm’s Deep. Although the staff team hasn’t had a definitive decision upon this question, as previously, it took me a long while to complete both Edhellond and Éoford’s cinematics due to technical problems, it remains likely that I will be tasked with this.

As I said in the opening paragraph, we have reached a particularly high amount of players online on our server last week, which is exciting! We were able to gather and have fun doing little MobArena events, chess games with numerous spectators and building tiny maps together! Our community has used our Discord voice chats particulary alot, lately, so we added a separate Chess voice chat for chess-players!

Technical Corner
We have tested even more stuff on our 1.13 test-server, where we try to find bugs and fix them before skipping this version and changing to 1.14.
Congratulations to m4marine_semperfi and Louis_rc for being promoted to Builder ranks!

Featured Creation
A village in the hills of evendim, in north-western Arnor, made by LimeeFox, Louis_rc, stavrdaf, Savitarr, MarcelAlKenany, haldir100, dog_lover11, BorinSwordbane, Umami and a bit of help from StealWonders, barteldvn and Polarnik
Although it might not seem that we had alot of progress over the past two weeks, it actually is a fine step in each ongoing project. A lot of side activity has been present, and I’m talking about chatting around and doing fun things together. It was mentioned that a possible completion of Helm’s Deep was expected next weekend, so we will try our best to finish it in time! If the last Newsletter was picture-heavy, well these dividers add even more upon this colorful page! See you, or you see Tobberz, in the next Newsletter! Have a nice end of June!

First! Didn’t ready yet but was definetly good!


Very interesting and exciting Newsletter! I too have enjoyed these past few weeks working on smaller projects and playing chess. I hope we can continue to have a great time with everyone the coming weeks, or longer of course!


What to say? The formatting and overall visual asthetic of the Newsletters has gotten better and better. Furthermore, our steedy progress on all our ongoing projects is delightful! Finally I am very excited for the Éoford and Helm’s Deep releases and cinematics!


Very well done. It’s nice reading about what’s happened from someone else’s perspective, and not needing to organise anything myself :wink:

Maybe it will become more permanent…