How Projects Work (Ranks & Roles)

How Projects Work: Ranks & Roles

Role within Project Member Rank Explanation
Project Overseer Creator Quality Control, project planning, project oversight, and general server direction. Works with Designers to decide aesthetic vision of server and its projects.
Project Leader Designer The Project Leader… leads the project! They come up with the aesthetic principles (house design, textures, etc), and the general plan of the project, as well as coordinating players.
Project Deputy Artist+ An optional role appointed by the Project Leader to act as his deputy, and can carry out all the jobs that a Project Leader would.
Terrain Leader Artist+ An optional role for someone who is leading the terrain on a project.
Structure Leader Artist+ An optional role for someone who is leading the structures on a project.
Builders/ Terraformers Any rank Within a project, any rank can have the role of a Builder or Terraformer (including Creators!). See below for further information.

In rare cases, a player of a lower rank might have directional authority over one of a higher rank within a project, but this would be unusual. The most common case of this would be Creators helping out in Projects in the capacity of a Builder or Terraformer, as opposed to in the capacity of a Project Overseer.

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