How Projects Work (Ranks & Roles)

How Projects Work: Ranks & Roles

Role within Project Member Rank Explanation
Project Overseer Creator Creators ensure projects are created to a good quality and are going to plan. Typically a Creator will concentrate on overseeing specific projects, but this is a collaborative effort.
Project Leader Typically Designer In the case of Primary/Tier 1 Projects, the Project Leader is almost always a Designer, although they can be creators. Furthermore, Secondary/Tier 2 Project Leaders can be Artists in some circumstances. The Project Leader leads the design, planning, and general aesthetic vision of a project. They also approve buildings that builders have built.
Project Deputy Artist+ Appointed by the Project Leader if they want someone else to make major decisions in their absence, for instance approving builds. This is optional, and appointing a Deputy is part of the Leader’s prerogative.
Manager Manager Assists the Project Leader in getting stuff done, and ensuring the creative vision and direction of Project Leaders is carried out by allocating roles to builders.
Builders/ Terraformers Any rank Within a project, any rank can have the role of a Builder or Terraformer (including Creators!). See below for further information.
Within a project, the role of a player will take precedence over their in-game rank. This means if two Designers are working on a project, the one with the higher-ranking role will have authority over the other _within that project._ I.e: If Designer A is a Project Leader, he will be able to direct Designer B, who is just a Terraformer within Designer A's project.

In rare cases, this might mean that a player of a lower rank has directional authority over one of a higher rank within a project, but this would be unusual. The most common case of this would be Creators helping out in Projects in the capacity of a Builder or Terraformer, as opposed to in the capacity of a Project Overseer.

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