Username: Elu Thingol
Date Trial Begun: 24/12/19
Project Portfolio: https://imgur.com/a/hfCIpGi
Projects worked on:
Grimslade: Farms, Grim’s Daughter’s room.
Aldburg: House assets.
Osgiliath: House concept.

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The Grimslade interior is really good, I checked it out in MC and those pictures don’t quite do it justice.

The farm you did was exactly as I’d done on the other ones, and it was really helpful.

The Aldburg house you did was a good elaboration on @the_pharaohs_cat’s style, and you did the diagonal variation far better than I did xD

The Osgiliath house concept probably won’t be used, but thanks for trying anyway, I’m sure you’ll help out with Osgiliath even more once it gets started.

Considering we have/had remarkably few projects available to work on, you’ve somehow managed to do quite a bit on basically all our active projects. When we have more projects active, however, I’ll expect Project Portfolios to be more extensive.

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